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A-spec is usually pretty silly. However, while doing some politics research for the oceans topic I came across a number of really good cards about bureaucratic agency politics empirically undermining US ocean management/development policy. This means that an engaged discussion about agency implementation is a pre-requisite to aff solvency. These cards are extremely specific and high quality. The coolest part of this component of the argument is that oftentimes the 2AC will just read their generic frontline to A-Spec and completely forget about the solvency debate. So in the block, you can just go for the substantive component of the argument and crush them on presumption + a disadvantage. Judges are often very unwilling to let the aff recover after a mistake like this, especially when you read several high-quality cards supporting your argument. This file is fully prepped with extensions through the negative block. At only $3 it is a high-value deal that you will want to start the year off with.


ASPEC --- 1NC. 2

ASPEC --- 2NC Overview.. 3

ASPEC --- 2NC Solvency Takeouts. 4

ASPEC --- AT: C/I --- Normal Means. 6

ASPEC --- AT: C/I --- All 3 Branches. 7

ASPEC --- AT: C/I --- “The†= Mass Noun. 8

ASPEC --- AT: No Rez Basis---2NC. 9

ASPEC --- AT: Agent CPs bad. 10

ASPEC --- AT: Cross-ex checks. 11

ASPEC --- AT: Infinitely Regressive. 12

ASPEC --- AT: No Rez Basis. 13

ASPEC --- AT: Wrong Remedy / Not A Voting Issue. 14

ASPEC --- AT: No Ground Loss. 15

ASPEC --- AT: No Right To Those Args. 16


Collin Roark is the assistant director of debate at Trinity University and an assistant coach at the St. Mark's School of Texas.

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