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Cuba Embargo Negative Update --- May 2014

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About This File

This is an updated case negative to the most commonly read aff on the high school topic --- Cuban Embargo repeal/normalization of trade relations. The TOC is over but many debaters still have tournaments left to compete at such as NFLs and CFLs. It's 83 pages long and includes a lot of cards from Spring of 2014. This file was cut for Dexter High School at the 2014 TOC but was never read. Here's a break down of whats included:

  • Updated answers to advantages about Cuban instability/collapse of the Castro regime

  • A revamped gradualism DA -- I was surprised at the quality of evidence here. There are lots of very recent cards saying Obama's current incremental strategy towards Cuba will succeed. I like gradualism as a strategy because its difficult for the aff to generate offense and if articulated correctly, the DA turns 100% of the case. This part of the file is already highlighted and contains pre-written extensions and overviews.

  • Politics link updates -- some new cards from 2014 to establish a link to the Obama Good DA.

  • Executive CP cards --- some from 2014, they can be used to supplement existing CP's that use executive authority or OFAC to weaken the embargo.

  • MISC aff updates -- including a very good card that can be used to make a Russia add on for the Cuban Embargo aff. The card says repealing the embargo would give Obama the diplomatic credibility to create an international coalition against Russia's behavior in the Ukraine.


Here's an index:



Case. 3

A2: Castro Regime Collapse / Reform.. 4

Gradualism DA.. 5

1NC Shell / 2NC Overview Stuff 6

1NC.. 7

2NC Impact Overview.. 10

2NC – Turns LA Relations / Soft Power / Heg. 11

2NC – Turns US/Cuba Relations. 12

2NC – Caribbean Econ Impact. 13

Extra Impacts (you can read these in the block possibly) 15

2NC Politics Trick. 19

UQ.. 20

**2NC UQ – Top Level 21

A2: Congress Will Never Repeal Embargo / Plan is Key. 25

A2: Cuba Econ Collapse Inev. 27

A2: Cuba Can’t Access Foreign Capital / FDI. 29

A2: Castro Regime Collapse Inev. 30

A2: Hyper-Inflation. 31

UQ – Relations Increasing. 33

2nc – current reforms slow.. 35

US Cuba Trade Up. 40

A2: Handshake = meaningless, hype. 41

Link. 42

**2NC Link. 43

A2: Shock Therapy Good. 46

A2: Plan = Incremental / Gradual / Not Immediate. 48

A2: Plan K2 Democracy. 50

A2: Plan K2 Cuba Econ. 51

2NC Link Wall – Lifting Embargo à Fast Reforms. 53

2NC Democratic Uprising Link. 57

2NC Bargaining Link. 59

Incremental key. 60

Impact. 62

Turns Aff 63

EXT – Gradualism k2 Stability. 65

Gradualism Solves Relations. 66

Gradualism Solves Cred. 67

Gradualism Solves Cred – A2: Kupchan. 68

Impact – turns democracy. 69

Other offcase. 71

DAs. 72

Politics Links. 73

Labor Rights DA.. 75

CPs. 76

Executive CP.. 77

A2: Congress Key. 79

Misc. 80

Aff – Russia Add On. 81

Cuba Instability Causes U.S. Intervention. 82


Please message me if you have any questions. The ev quality in this file is extremely high and common 2AC responses are blocked out. It's a great supplement to neg files you already have, and is perfect if you are pushing to end this topic on a strong note at NFLs or CFLs.


Best of luck to everyone!




My name is Jacob Justice. I debated 5 years at Wayne State University and will be a graduate student/assistant coach at the University of Kansas next year. I've qualified to the National Debate Tournament three times and reached elimination rounds and received speaker awards at multiple national tournaments, along with being ranked in the top 25 this past season. I also debated at Dexter High School in Michigan. I've coached West Bloomfield High School, Dexter High School, and Brother Rice High School.

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