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Thursday File 2-27

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About This File

This week's Thursday File brings back the Iran Sanctions DA. The GOP has restarted a push in the Senate since most of the other major controversial bills have been taken off the table. The file contains everything you need to kick off the weekend with a strong politics scenario, as well as some innovative answers to aff arguments.


Additionally, updates have been included for Immigration, minimum wage, and Ukraine, if you prefer those


Included are a collection of updates to supplement your generic politics answers, such as new PC fails, winners win, and fights good cards - these are a must-have for any debater


Aff answers are also included, including impact turns to minimum wage increase and new internal link defense for TPA


This week's file was authored by Akash Gogate, a freshman debater at Emory University who has debated at many national tournaments in high school and college.





***NEG—Iran Sanctions. 2

Top Level 2

1NC DA.. 3

2NC OV.. 6

2NC Credibility. 7


Uniqueness. 7

2NC UQ.. 8

AT: UQ Overwhelms. 10

AT: Veto. 14

AT: Reid Blocks. 16

AT: Fights Now.. 19

AT: Thumper – Generic. 20

AT: Thumper – Defense. 22


Internals. 22

2NC PC Key. 23

AT: Winners Win. 25


Impacts. 25

2NC Iran Prolif 26

2NC North Korea. 31

AT: No Deal Collapse. 33

AT: Can’t Trust Iran. 34

AT: Sanction Key to Iranian Compliance. 35

AT: Talks Fail 36

AT: Sanctions Good. 37

AT: No Strikes. 42

AT: Waivers. 46


***NEG—Other Bills. 47

Immigration. 47

Will Pass. 48


Minimum Wage. 49

Will Pass. 50


Ukraine. 50

Won’t Pass. 51


***AFF—Specifics. 52

Immigration. 52

Won’t Pass. 53


Iran. 53

Reid Blocks. 54

2AC Deal Fails. 55

1AR Deal Fails – Ext 55

1AR Deal Fails – AT: Press TV.. 56

2AC No Prolif 57

2AC No Impact 58

2AC No Strikes. 59

1AR No Strikes – Ext 61

1AR No Strikes – AT: Kristol 62


Minimum Wage. 62

Won’t Pass. 63

2AC Raise Bad. 64

1AR Raise Bad – Ext 65

1AR Raise Bad – Statistics. 67


TPA.. 67

Won’t Pass. 68

Obama Not Pushing. 69

AT: Key to Trade. 71


***AFF—Generic. 74

Thumpers. 74

Defense Budget 75

Tax Reform... 75


Winners Win. 75

2AC W/W... 76

1AR W/W – Ext 78

1AR W/W – Foreign Policy. 80

1AR W/W – Bargaining. 81


Confrontation Good. 81

2AC Fights Good. 82

1AR Fights Good – Ext 83

1AR Fights Good – Inevitable. 84


PC Fails. 84

2AC PC Fails. 85

1AR PC Fails – Ext 86

1AR PC Fails – AT: SOTU.. 88

1AR PC Fails – AT: PC Solves. 89


***Misc Updates. 91

Midterms. 91

GOP Lose / Dems Win. 92

GOP Win / Dems Lose. 93

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