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Thursday File February 20, 2014

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About This File

This week's file features the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) DA. The TPA prevents Congress from adding amendments to previously negotiated trade deals and would make it easier for the president to finalize those deals. The file includes an econ/competitiveness impact as well as an Asia Pivot argument.


The file also includes a few cards for the Iran Sanctions DA as well as the Immigration DA, if that is your thing.


Finally, the file includes answers to all of the scenarios mentioned above as well as thumpers for any other scenario.


This week's file was authored by Chris Carey, a sophomore debater at the University of Kansas. As a college debater, Chris has participated in the outrounds of CEDA, UMKC, and several other tournaments.


Thursday File 2-20-14 1

*****General 3

2ac Iran Thumper 4

2ac Immigration/Minimum Wage Thumper 5

2ac No Pass – Election Year 6

*****Immigration 7

***Neg 8

Yes Pass 9

Yes Obama Push 10

at: xo 11

***Aff 12

2ac No Pass 13

1ar No Pass -- Elections 14

1ar No Pass – Path to Citizenship 16

1ar No Pass – at: House Dems Force Vote 18

*****Iran 19

***Neg 20

1nc 21

No Pass 22

Sanctions Kill Diplomacy 23

***Aff 24

2ac Must Have 25

2ac UQ Overwhelms the Link 26

1ar UQ Overwhelms the Link 28

1ar No Vote 30

2ac Diplomacy Fails/Sanctions Inevitable 31

1ar Diplomacy Fails/Sanctions Inevitable 32

*****TPA 33

***Neg 34

1nc Econ 35

1nc Asia Pivot 37

2nc UQ Wall 39

2nc Thumpers 41

Yes Pass – at: Reid 42

Yes Pass – at: Pelosi 43

Yes Pass – at: Biden 44

Yes Pass – PC Key 45

Yes Pass – PC Controls UQ 49

Yes Pass – at: no push 51

Yes Pass – at: TPP 53

2nc at: Minimum Wage Thumper 54

2nc at: Iran Thumper 55

2nc at: No Impact to TPA 56

2nc TPA k2 Econ 57

2nc Impact – Decline = War 60

2nc Internal Link – Trade 62

2nc Asia Pivot Extension 63

2nc Asia Pivot Impact – China War/Asian Stability 67

2nc Asia Pivot Impact – Allied Prolif 69

AT: Not Reverse Causal 70

1nc EU soft power 72

Territorial Disputes 74

Trade Impact – Quick 75

1nc War 76

Turns Case – Escalation 78

Turns Case – Norms 79

Turns Case – Terrorism 80

***Aff 81

2ac No Pass 82

1ar No Pass 84

1ar No Pass – Reid/Pelosi 86

1ar No Pass – No Vote 88

1ar No Pass – Europe 89

2ac Thumpers 90

1ar Thumpers 91

1ar No Push/PC Fails 92

1ar No I/L 93

2ac No Impact – Trade 95

2ac Asia Pivot 96

2ac China War 97

AT Solves Credibility 98

Asia Prolif Inev 99

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