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Thirst for Annihilation K

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A Bataille Cap K that relies heavily on Nick Land's Thirst for Annihilation reading though is supported by a diversity of other authors. Can function as a K of many other anti-cap affirmatives and many affs that just take the economy as a mechanism or management task.


A brief explanation of the argument:

Against most (neo)Marx affs or any aff that deals with the economy for the most part this is a method criticism about the ontological/epistemic implications of framing debates in terms of scarcity, productivity, waste, etc. Argues that this framing is what sustains the destructive logics of growth that most critical approaches to the economy attempt to address. Our framing ought to be in terms of excess and solar economies of matter and energy since economic productivity and exchange are often thermodynamic questions. We ought not fear loss, we ought not frame political economy in a productive/wasteful paradigm, we should embrace a solar sovereign (I like to joke Sun King) position, exchange dictated by play not by the question of loss and lack.


Or phrased on other terms, Marxists and many anti-capitalists and even progrowth capitalists more broadly are trying to resolve the question of entropy in economic systems as though this is a negative or problem to be resolved that's just a matter of some inefficiency. Entropy is inevitable and creative, the universe and our relationship to it and the planet are thermodynamic, the economy is not a closed/restricted system, and thus, to borrow from the title of Land's book, 'thirsts for its annihilation.'

1NC Shell 1

Link – Law.. 5

Link – Marxism/Capital Crisis. 6

Link – Marxism... 7

Link – Marxism... 8

Link – Hegelian Marxists (Zizek) 9

Link – Revolution. 10

Link – Revolution. 11

Link/Solvency – Revolution. 12

Link – Revolution (Redistributive) 14

Link – Nature Preservation/Species Die-Off. 15

Link – Food/Animals. 16

Link – Sustainable Energy/Dev/Environment 18

Link – Utility. 20

Link – Independent Subject 21

Link – God. 23

Link – Morality/Justice. 24

Impact – Value to Life. 25

AT What does “Unproductive Expenditure Meanâ€. 26

Alt Solvency/AT Cap = Enjoyment 29

Alt Solvency – Crapitalism’s Bad Shit 30

Alt Solves – Ecology. 31

Alt Solvency – Ethics. 32

Alt Solvency – Left Wing Metaphysics. 33

Alt Solvency – Sovereignty. 34

Accursed Share Best/Inevitable. 35

K Comes First 37

K Comes First 38

K Pre-req to Aff. 39

Historically Refusal of Excess à Subject/Object 41

AT Perm – No NB.. 43

AT Perm – Carrying Capacity DA.. 44

AT Perm – Starting Points. 45

AT Bataille = Cap. 46

AT Bataille = Anarchy. 47

AT Empirically Growth Solves War 48

AT Economic Theory/Policy Based Cap Good. 50

AT Economic Theory/Policy Based Cap Good. 51

AT Psychoanalysis. 52

Mass Revolt Fails. 53

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