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Thursday File 11-21-2013

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About This File

This week's file focuses on Iran Sanctions. Right now, Obama is involved in meetings in Geneva with the P5+1. They're making progress, but can only come to an international agreement on Iran IF congress doesn't unilaterally pass the Iran legislation that is in the house. So, it's a little different spin to your usual political capital causes X legislation to pass This nuance should help you with teams who don't understand the DA, it is also very unique because it requires stopping legislation which is much more feasible in the current political landscape than other DAs. The impacts are huge from Iran, and should be external to most Latin America affirmatives.



We have included in the file AFF answers to Iran, Immigration, SNAP, and ENDA. Politics are in flux right now and you need to be prepared to answer a wide variety of positions. Neg updates are also included for immigration and ENDA. The backfile for those disads are in this weeks TF so you can run ANY of the three DAs mentioned. This file should provide you all the flexibility to finish your semester strong.





This file was written by Ross and Stephanie Garrett. Ross Garrett is an assistant debate coach at Kent Denver, and has previously coached for New Trier, Mountain Brook, and Samford University. His students have won top speaker at Blake, won the Emory tournament, appeared in elimination rounds at the TOC, and have received TOC bids at tournaments around the country. Samford appeared in the octofinals of the NDT and was ranked in the top 25 poll throughout his tenure. Stephanie Garrett is the head debate coach at Kent Denver, her teams have appeared in the elimination rounds at Wake Forest, Iowa Caucus, Alta and finals of JV Glenbrooks this season, and are the Colorado state champions.



Negative Cards 7

Iran Sanctions 8

Iran Sanctions—1NC Shell 9

Uniqueness Extensions—Iran Sanctions DA 11

2NC Impact Overview 15

Hegemony Impact 17

Economy Impact 18

Central Asia Impact 20

General Nuclear War Impact 21

US Credibility—Case Turn 22

AT: Iran Deal Won’t Happen 23

AT: Sanctions Won’t Hurt Deal 25

Immigration Reform 27

Uniqueness Will Pass 28

Internal Link Capital Key 31


Will Pass 34

Affirmative Cards 35

Iran Sanctions 36

2AC Frontline 37

Uniqueness Deal Done Extensions 42

Uniqueness No P5 Deal 43

Immigration Reform 45

Won’t Pass 46


Won’t Pass 49


Snap 2AC Frontline 51

General AFF Cards 55

Winners Win 56

No Link 58

Obama PC Low Now 59

Uniqueness—Obama Winning Fight 61






OLD Iran File 63

Iran 1nc Shell 64

Uniqueness Extensions 68

UQ: Top of the Docket 69

UQ: Current Diplomacy Succeeding 70

UQ: Now Key 71

Internal Link Extensions 72

IL’s: Capital Key 73

IL: Removing Sanctions Stops Prolif 75

IL: AT: Sanctions Good 78

IL: International Unity 80

IL: Obama Flexibility Key to Solve Iran 81

IL: AT: Waivers Solve 82

Impact Extensions 83

Impacts: Iran Prolif Bad 84

Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred 87

Impacts: Economy Module 88

Impacts: Hegemony 90

Impacts: Middle East War Module 91

Impacts: Syria Module 93

Impacts: AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 97

AFF Answers--Iran 98

2ac Iran Answers 99

AFF: No US-Iran War 102

OLD ENDA File 103

1NC 104

Uniqueness 109

2NC/1NR 110

Bipartisan support 113

A/T Boehner will block 116

ENDA Popular 118

Impacts 119

General 120

ENDA Key 121

Whiteness 122

Compulsory Heterosexuality 124

Root Cause 125

D-Rule 127

AIDS 128

A/T 2AC 129

A/T Winners win 130

A/T Intrinsicness 133

AT – Plan Popular with Public 134

AT – Bottom of the Docket 136

A/T Timeframe 137

A2: Do Both 138

A/T Political Capital 139

A/T No bipartisanship 140

A/T ENDA hurts businesses 141

OLD Immigration FILE 142

1NC 143

Uniqueness 146

Top of Agenda 147

Will Pass- Conference 148

Will Pass- Dialogue 149

Will Pass- Momentum 150

A2: No Pass- Same as 2006 151

A2: Boehner 152

A2: Rubio Means No Pass 153

Delay Link 154

A2: Piecemeal 155

A2: Farm Bill Thumps 156

Internal Links 157

Political Capital Key to Immigration 158

A2: No PC 164

A2: Winners Win 165

A2: Hirsh 174

Dem Unity Key to PC 176

Obama Pushing 177

Popularity Key to PC 178

GOP Key 180

Boehner PC Key 181

Speaker PC True 182

Impacts 184

A2: Kick the Can 185

A2: XO Solves 186

2NC Hegemony 187

Agriculture Impact Module 190

Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Ag 191

Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Sustainable Ag 192

Alternative Energy Impacts 193

Asian Wars 194

China 196

Competitiveness Impacts 197

Competitiveness Internals: Immigration Reform Key to Competitiveness 200

Cyber-Terrorism Module 202

Economy Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy 203

Economy Impacts: Skilled Workers Key to Economy 210

Economy Impacts: AT: Impact Empirically Denied 211

Econ Turns Environment Impacts 212

Econ Impact – Protectionism 213

Econ Turns Russia/China Relations 215

Econ Impact – War 216

Econ Impact – Warming 217

Hegemony Impact Module 218

India Relations Module 219

India Relations—AT: Relations Resilient 220

India Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-India Relations 222

India Relations: Democracy Impacts 223

India Relations: Economy Impacts 224

India Relations: Indian Economy Impacts 225

India Relations: Iran Prolif Impact 226

India Relations: Laundry List Impacts 227

India Relations Impacts: Prolif Module 228

India Relations Impacts: Proliferation 229

India Relations: Solves Indo-Pak War 230

India Relations Impacts: Terrorism Module 232

India Relations Impacts: Terrorism 233

India Relations Impacts: Warming Module 234

Latin American Relations Module 235

Latin America Relations—Impact Overview 236

Latin America Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-Latin American Relations 237

Latin American Relations: AT—Relations Resilient 239

Latin American Relations—Now Key Time 241

Latin American Relations: US Actions Key 242

Latin American Relations: Even Watered Down Reform Solves 243

***Latin American Relations Impact Scenarios*** 244

Latin American Relations—Alternative Energy Impacts 245

Latin America Relations—Biofuels Impacts 246

Latin American Relations: Democracy Impact Extensions 247

Latin America Relations—Nuclear Power Impacts 248

Latin American Relations: Oil Dependence Scenario 249

Latin American Relations—Oil Prices Impact 250

Latin American Relations: Poverty Impacts 251

Latin American Relations: Soft Power Impacts 253

Latin America Relations: Solar-Wind Impacts 254

Latin American Relations: Warming Impact Scenario 255

Science Diplomacy Impact Module 257

Science Diplomacy Internals: Visas Key to Science Diplomacy 258

Science Diplomacy: China Impact Module 260

Science Diplomacy: Disease Impact Module 261

Science Diplomacy: Middle East Impact Module 263

Science Diplomacy: Poverty Impact 264

Science Diplomacy: Soft Power Internal Link 265

Science Diplomacy: War Impacts 267

Science Diplomacy: Warming Impact 268

Turns Poverty/Structural Violence 269

A2: Impact Turns 270

AT: Brain Drain Turn 271

AT: Overpopulation Turn 273

AT: Wages Turn 276

Theory 278

A2: Bottom of Docket 279

A2: Do Both 280

A2: Fiat Takes out Link 281

A2: Introduction of plan triggers(vote No) 282

A2: K’s of Politics 283

Generic 284

Aff 287

Immigration 288

No Pass- Conservatives 289

No Pass- Democrats 290

No Pass- Differences 291

No Pass- GOP Dislike of Obama 292

No Pass- Insurance Cancellation 293

A2: Passes- Business Leaders 294

A2: PC Key 295

1AR PC Not Key 296

Obama PC Not Key 298

Aging 299

Agriculture 302

Biotech 305

Deficit 306

India Relations Impact Answers 309

Latin American Relations Impact 310

A2: Nye 312

Science Diplomacy Impact 314

Skilled Worker Impact Answers 318

2ac: Skilled Workers Impact Turns 321

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