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It's a critique of liberal utopianism as well as Cap Bad affirmatives and K affs that claim to change the nature of politics. Enmity is at the core of our existence, the only question is how do we regulate and direct violence, doing otherwise pushes it underground and causes swings to the right. It's an argument that's fallen out of popularity but I think is ripe for a comeback and some of these cards are the best you'll find to roll with Schmitt against these affs.


Zizek/Rev K 1NC.. 2

Derrida/Etc K 1NC.. 8

Liberalism/Policy K 1NC.. 13

2NC Stuff (Liberalism/Policy K) 19

Link – Liberalism... 21

Link – Liberalism/Civil Society. 22

Link – Moderation/Hearts and Minds. 24

Link – Parliamentary Democracy. 26

Link – Democracy/Human Rights. 28

Link – Human Rights. 29

Link – Human Rights. 30

Link – International Law.. 32

Link – Radical Democracy. 34

Link – Radical Democracy. 35

Link – Demo K Affs. 36

Link – Derrida/Undecidability. 37

Link – Agamben/Divisions Inevitable. 38

Link – Communist Revolution.. 39

Link – Revolution/AT Perm... 40

Division Inevitable. 41

Impact – Extinction.. 42

Impact – Extinction.. 44

Impact – Total War. 44

Impact – Permanent Universal War. 47

Impact – Booms. 49

Impact – HR-->Extermination.. 50

Alt – Conflict as Vocation.. 51

Alt – Lines in the Sand.. 53

Alt – Affirm Division.. 56

Alt Solvency – Divisions Good.. 58

Alt Solvency – Ethics/The Other. 59

AT Alt --> Violence. 60

No Enmity --> No Politics. 61

AT Rethinking.. 62

AT Ontology First 63

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Opposition isn't perpetual, it only exists when there is, in fact, a perceived problem: there is an alternative. Due to the existence of an alternative to enmity, pursuing any path in regards to perpetuating it is unethical, and therefore regulating/directing constant violence is unwarranted when compared to paths of utilizing ethical violence. Those paths include the use of social unrest/pent up grievances and rejects constant violence which, unfortunately, results in other forms of radicalization like fascism, ultra-nationalism, etc. This isn't a point for the k though because it is a warranted path which excludes and disproves the constant violence contention. 

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