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Thursday File - 10/31

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About This File

This week's Thursday file is all treats, no tricks. It updates the immigration reform disad that has been developing over the past few weeks, including plenty of cards from the past couple days that will help you scare your opponents into submission. Also included are affirmative answers to immigration, the Iran DA, and some other disads that have been creeping their way into the college debate circuit like the TPA, Farm Bill, and the 2014 midterms DAs. As an added bonus, I have included a new uniqueness card for the China SOI DA, as well as some random impact updates I have found in the last few weeks. Think of this as a king size candy bar at a fun size price. Happy Halloween, all! Hope to see you in Ann Arbor this weekend.


I debated for four years at Groves High School in Beverly Hills, MI. During my senior year I debated almost exclusively on the national circuit, reaching elimination rounds at East Grand Rapids, New Trier, and Harvard. I have debated for four years at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, clearing at regional and national tournaments and during the 2011-12 season qualifying for the NDT. As a coach for Seaholm High School my debaters have reached elimination rounds at local and national tournaments.


Email/fb me if you want to discuss this file or anything else about debate.




Thursday File – 10/31/13 (Happy Halloween!) 2

Neg – Immigration DA.. 7

1NC Shell 8

Uniqueness Extensions. 11

UQ: Will Pass Now.. 12

UQ: Obama has capital now.. 21

UQ: Republicans Divided Now.. 22

UQ: Top of Docket 23

UQ: Obama will use capital on immigration reform... 26

UQ: Obama willing to go with piece by piece approach. 27

AT---Boehner 28

AT---UQ Overwhelms. 29

AT---Kick the Can. 30

AT---Piecemeal Reform Inev/Solves. 32

Top o Docket 33

AT---Thumper---Shutdown/Debt 34

AT---Thumper---Farm Bill 35

Link Extensions. 36

Links: Winners Win Answers. 37

Links: AT: “Go for the throat†Turn. 47

2NC/1NR Floor Time Link. 48

Internal Link Extensions. 49

Internals: Political Capital is Key. 50

Internals: Bipartisanship. 56

Internals: AT: Hirsh/Political Capital Doesn’t Exist 57

Internals: PC Key/A2 Obama Bad. 59

Internal Links: Popularity key to political capital 61

Internals: Immigration Reform Includes Path to Citizenship. 63

Internals: Immigration Reform Includes Skilled Worker Reform... 64

Internals: Republicans Key to Agenda. 66

AT---Unilateral Action. 68

Impacts. 69

Impact Overview.. 70

Impact Modules. 71

Agriculture Impact Module. 72

Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Ag. 73

Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Sustainable Ag. 74

Alternative Energy Impacts. 75

Asian Wars. 76

China. 78

Competitiveness Impacts. 79

Competitiveness Internals: Immigration Reform Key to Competitiveness. 82

Cyber-Terrorism Module. 84

Economy Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy. 85

Economy Impacts: Skilled Workers Key to Economy. 91

Economy Impacts: AT: Impact Empirically Denied. 92

Econ Turns Environment Impacts. 93

Econ Impact – Protectionism... 94

Econ Turns Russia/China Relations. 96

Econ Impact – War 97

Econ Impact – Warming. 98

Hegemony Impact Module. 99

India Relations Module. 100

India Relations—AT: Relations Resilient 101

India Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-India Relations. 103

India Relations: Democracy Impacts. 104

India Relations: Economy Impacts. 105

India Relations: Indian Economy Impacts. 106

India Relations: Iran Prolif Impact 107

India Relations: Laundry List Impacts. 108

India Relations Impacts: Prolif Module. 109

India Relations Impacts: Proliferation. 110

India Relations: Solves Indo-Pak War 111

India Relations Impacts: Terrorism Module. 113

India Relations Impacts: Terrorism... 114

India Relations Impacts: Warming Module. 115

Latin American Relations Module. 116

Latin America Relations—Impact Overview.. 117

Latin America Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-Latin American Relations. 118

Latin American Relations: AT—Relations Resilient 120

Latin American Relations—Now Key Time. 122

Latin American Relations: US Actions Key. 123

Latin American Relations: Even Watered Down Reform Solves. 124

***Latin American Relations Impact Scenarios***. 125

Latin American Relations—Alternative Energy Impacts. 126

Latin America Relations—Biofuels Impacts. 127

Latin American Relations: Democracy Impact Extensions. 128

Latin America Relations—Nuclear Power Impacts. 129

Latin American Relations: Oil Dependence Scenario. 130

Latin American Relations—Oil Prices Impact 131

Latin American Relations: Poverty Impacts. 132

Latin American Relations: Soft Power Impacts. 134

Latin America Relations: Solar-Wind Impacts. 135

Latin American Relations: Warming Impact Scenario. 136

Science Diplomacy Impact Module. 138

Science Diplomacy Internals: Visas Key to Science Diplomacy. 139

Science Diplomacy: China Impact Module. 141

Science Diplomacy: Disease Impact Module. 142

Science Diplomacy: Middle East Impact Module. 143

Science Diplomacy: Poverty Impact 144

Science Diplomacy: Soft Power Internal Link. 145

Science Diplomacy: War Impacts. 147

Science Diplomacy: Warming Impact 148

Turns Poverty/Structural Violence. 149

Immigration – AT: Impact Turns. 150

AT: Brain Drain Turn. 151

AT: Overpopulation Turn. 153

AT: Wages Turn. 156

Answers to: Theory Arguments. 158

AT: Non-Intrinsic: Pass the Plan and Do your scenario. 159

AT: “Say Noâ€. 161

AT: Plan is Bottom of the Docket 162

Neg – Iran DA.. 163

1NC Shell 164

Uniqueness Extensions. 168

UQ: Top of the Docket 169

UQ: Current Diplomacy Succeeding. 170

UQ: Now Key. 171

Internal Link Extensions. 172

IL’s: Capital Key. 173

IL: Removing Sanctions Stops Prolif. 175

IL: AT: Sanctions Good. 178

IL: International Unity. 180

IL: Obama Flexibility Key to Solve Iran. 181

IL: AT: Waivers Solve. 182

Impact Extensions. 183

Impacts: Iran Prolif Bad. 184

Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 187

Impacts: Economy Module. 188

Impacts: Hegemony. 189

Impacts: Middle East War Module. 190

Impacts: Syria Module. 192

Impacts: AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 195

AFF. 196

Top Level 197

PC Low.. 198

General Thumper/No Pass. 200

Health Care Thumper 201

Immigration. 202

Immigration Reform—2ac Front-line. 203

1ar Extensions: Immigration Reform Won’t Pass Now.. 206

1ar: AT: Boehner will violate Hastert Rule. 215

1AR: AT---Conference Committee. 217

1AR---Kick the Can. 218

1AR---Kiss o Death. 219

1ar Winners Win: AT: Debt Ceiling Fight is big win. 220

1ar Extensions: Winners Win. 221

1ar: Obama Capital Not Key to Immigration Reform... 222

2ac: India Relations Impact Answers. 223

2ac vs. Latin American Relations Impact 224

2ac vs. Science Diplomacy Impact 226

2ac: Skilled Worker Impact Answers. 230

2ac: Skilled Workers Impact Turns. 233

Iran. 234

2ac Iran Answers. 235

AFF: No US-Iran War 238

TPA.. 239

Won’t Pass. 240

PC not key. 241

Farm Bill 242

Won’t Pass. 243

Debt Ceiling Part 2. 245

2AC.. 246

2014 Midterms. 247

2AC Too Far Off. 248

UQ: Dems won’t retake House. 249

UQ: Republicans won’t gain Senate. 250

Other 251

Dip Cap Low.. 252

AT: Politics Turns Hege. 253

China Influence Up. 254

Manufacturing Up. 255

Iran Prolif Now.. 257

US-India Relations High. 258

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