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Thursday File 10-17-2013

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About This File

After a CRAZY week in politics, there are some new big things going on. I might be a little tired after staying up to catch up, so bear with me…

  1. Immigration is back, and it’s not bad. There are some will pass cards, mostly predicated on Obama’s overwhelming victory in the shut-down fight. I went ahead and included a robust defense of the impacts to immigration reform as well as the updated uq since Obama’s Tuesday speech on Univision where he said he would push immigration reform first after the government closed.
  2. I also wrote an Iran disad--Congress is rallying to increase sanctions on Iran now right after the government opens up—Obama will need political capital to decrease sanctions on Iran and prevent Iranian nuclear proliferation.
  3. I put in answers to any new debt ceiling disad is months away, and looks weak after the Republicans capitulated this time. There is also a smattering of cards suggesting that the debt ceiling win might increase chances of a Democratic House take-over in 2014, so I included a couple of answers.

Also, all my profits from this week’s Thursday File will go toward a minority scholarship in the College of Arts & Sciences at Samford University.


Ryan Galloway is the director of Debate at Samford University, with a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, he also coached for Augustana and Baylor. Samford has had NDT octofinalists and top 25 teams during his tenure. He has worked with multiple NDT first round bid teams, and was named third best judge of the decade by his peers. He has regularly judged the elimination rounds of the NDT, TOC, and NDCA championship, and was a first round bid debater himself as a debater for George Mason University.



Strategy Guide. 5

Immigration Reform Shell 6

Uniqueness Extensions. 9

UQ: Will Pass Now.. 10

UQ: Obama has capital now.. 13

UQ: Republicans Divided Now.. 14

UQ: Top of Docket 15

UQ: Obama will use capital on immigration reform... 17

UQ: Obama willing to go with piece by piece approach. 18

Link Extensions. 19

Links: Winners Win Answers. 20

Links: AT: “Go for the throat†Turn. 30

Internal Link Extensions. 31

Internals: Political Capital is Key. 32

Internals: Bipartisanship. 38

Internals: AT: Hirsh/Political Capital Doesn’t Exist 39

Internals: PC Key/A2 Obama Bad. 41

Internal Links: Popularity key to political capital 43

Internals: Immigration Reform Includes Path to Citizenship. 45

Internals: Immigration Reform Includes Skilled Worker Reform... 46

Internals: Republicans Key to Agenda. 48

Impacts. 49

Impact Overview.. 50

Impact Modules. 52

Agriculture Impact Module. 53

Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Ag. 54

Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Sustainable Ag. 55

Alternative Energy Impacts. 56

Asian Wars. 57

China. 59

Competitiveness Impacts. 60

Competitiveness Internals: Immigration Reform Key to Competitiveness. 63

Cyber-Terrorism Module. 65

Economy Impacts. 66

Economy Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy. 67

Economy Impacts: Skilled Workers Key to Economy. 73

Economy Impacts: AT: Impact Empirically Denied. 74

Environment Impacts. 75

Hegemony Impact Module. 76

India Relations Impacts. 77

India Relations Module. 78

India Relations—AT: Relations Resilient 79

India Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-India Relations. 81

India Relations: Democracy Impacts. 82

India Relations: Economy Impacts. 83

India Relations: Indian Economy Impacts. 84

India Relations: Iran Prolif Impact 85

India Relations: Laundry List Impacts. 86

India Relations Impacts: Prolif Module. 87

India Relations Impacts: Proliferation. 88

India Relations: Solves Indo-Pak War 89

India Relations Impacts: Terrorism Module. 91

India Relations Impacts: Terrorism... 92

India Relations Impacts: Warming Module. 93

Latin America Relations Impacts. 94

Latin American Relations Module. 95

Latin America Relations—Impact Overview.. 96

Latin America Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-Latin American Relations. 97

Latin American Relations: AT—Relations Resilient 99

Latin American Relations—Now Key Time. 101

Latin American Relations: US Actions Key. 102

Latin American Relations: Even Watered Down Reform Solves. 103

***Latin American Relations Impact Scenarios***. 104

Latin American Relations—Alternative Energy Impacts. 105

Latin America Relations—Biofuels Impacts. 106

Latin American Relations: Democracy Impact Extensions. 107

Latin America Relations—Nuclear Power Impacts. 108

Latin American Relations: Oil Dependence Scenario. 109

Latin American Relations—Oil Prices Impact 110

Latin American Relations: Poverty Impacts. 111

Latin American Relations: Soft Power Impacts. 113

Latin America Relations: Solar-Wind Impacts. 114

Latin American Relations: Warming Impact Scenario. 115

Protectionism Impact Module. 116

Russia Relations Impacts. 118

Science Diplomacy Impacts. 119

Science Diplomacy Impact Module. 120

Science Diplomacy Internals: Visas Key to Science Diplomacy. 121

Science Diplomacy: China Impact Module. 123

Science Diplomacy: Disease Impact Module. 124

Science Diplomacy: Middle East Impact Module. 125

Science Diplomacy: Poverty Impact 126

Science Diplomacy: Soft Power Internal Link. 127

Science Diplomacy: War Impacts. 129

Science Diplomacy: Warming Impact 130

War Impacts. 131

Warming. 132

Immigration – AT: Impact Turns. 133

AT: Brain Drain Turn. 134

AT: Overpopulation Turn. 136

AT: Wages Turn. 139

Answers to: Theory Arguments. 141

AT: Non-Intrinsic: Pass the Plan and Do your scenario. 142

AT: “Say Noâ€. 144

AT: Plan is Bottom of the Docket 145

AFF Answers—Immigration Reform... 146

Immigration Reform—2ac Front-line. 147

1ar Extensions: Immigration Reform Won’t Pass Now.. 150

1ar: AT: Boehner will violate Hastert Rule. 154

1ar Winners Win: AT: Debt Ceiling Fight is big win. 155

1ar Extensions: Winners Win. 156

1ar: Obama Capital Not Key to Immigration Reform... 157

2ac: India Relations Impact Answers. 158

2ac vs. Latin American Relations Impact 159

2ac vs. Science Diplomacy Impact 161

2ac: Skilled Worker Impact Answers. 165

2ac: Skilled Workers Impact Turns. 168

Iran 1nc Shell 169

Uniqueness Extensions. 173

UQ: Top of the Docket 174

UQ: Current Diplomacy Succeeding. 175

UQ: Now Key. 176

Internal Link Extensions. 177

IL’s: Capital Key. 178

IL: Removing Sanctions Stops Prolif. 180

IL: AT: Sanctions Good. 183

IL: International Unity. 185

IL: Obama Flexibility Key to Solve Iran. 186

IL: AT: Waivers Solve. 187

Impact Extensions. 188

Impacts: Iran Prolif Bad. 189

Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 192

Impacts: Economy Module. 193

Impacts: Hegemony. 194

Impacts: Middle East War Module. 195

Impacts: Syria Module. 197

Impacts: AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 200

AFF Answers--Iran. 201

2ac Iran Answers. 202

AFF: No US-Iran War 205

AFF: AT: Debt Ceiling Part 2. 206

AFF--AT: 2014 Midterms DA’s. 207

UQ: Dems won’t retake House. 208

UQ: Republicans won’t gain Senate. 209

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