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Thursday File 10-3 Debt Ceiling

10.00 USD

About This File

This week’s file is the debt ceiling. With how crazy everything has gotten in negotiations and sometimes the lack of negotiations, this file gives you everything you need. Worried the shutdown would make it tough to run politics this week? Don’t be, this file has you covered on why and what matters for passage. The file includes 2 different scenarios for the debt ceiling so you’ll be ready to go if events change late in the tournament. It also includes a variety of aff answers and mechanics for a number of 2NC links and link turns.


Kendall Kaut just finished his career at Baylor where he was a 3 time NDT qualifier. He has been in the outrounds of many tournaments including: GSU, UMKC, Northwestern, Kentucky, Wake and USC. In highschool, he finished 6th and was 13th speaker at the 2009 NFL national tournament. He has led labs at Baylor and the JDI.



Info. 4

Debt Ceiling. 5

1NC’s. 6

Bully Pulpit 1NC. 7

Party Unity 1NC. 11

Bully Pulpit 2NC Mechanics. 15

Bully Pulpit Key. 16

A2: Not Using Bully Pulpit. 18

2NC Delay Link. 19

A2: Compromise/GOP win Link Turn. 20

A2: Negotiations Solve. 21

A2: Obama Not Negotiating. 23

Party Unity 2NC Mechanics. 24

Dem Unity Now.. 25

2NC Uniqueness. 26

Will Pass- Boehner. 27

Will Pass- Budget $. 27

A2: Thumpers Generic. 27

A2: CR Thumper. 28

A2: Obamacare thumper. 30

A2: Uniqueness Overwhelms Link. 31

A2: No Pass-Revenue. 32

A2: Discharge Petition. 33

2NC Links. 34

Focus Key. 35

Negotiation Key(Don’t read unless making own scenario) 36

A2: No PC. 37

2NC Impacts. 38

A2: 14th amendment solves. 39

A2: CR Solves Debt Ceiling Impact. 40

AT: Other Unilat Action S. 41

A2: Treasury Solves. 42

A2: Shutdown Thumps. 43

A2: Just Recession. 44

Default Bad - Credit Rating. 45

Default Bad - Dollar. 46

Default Bad – Econ. 47

Econ Decline = War. 50

Econ Leadership – 2NC. 52

Spending Cuts Bad – Hege 2NC. 53

Spending Cuts Bad – Military Cuts Internals. 54

Yes Spending Cuts. 55

Military Cuts Impact Ext. - Hegemony. 57

Military Cuts Impact – Economy Module 2NC. 59

Spending Cuts Bad - Agencies. 61

2NC- Food Crisis Impact. 64

PC Mechanics. 65

AT: Dickinson. 66

AT: Winners Win. 68

Aff 71

Generic Aff 72

A2: Boehner Weak. 73

Boehner No PC. 74

PC Wrong – 2AC. 75

Winners Win – 2AC. 76

Winners Win – 1AR. 77

PC Low.. 78

A2: Debt Ceiling. 79

Uniqueness Overwhelms the Link. 80

1AR Uniqueness O/W the Link. 81

Won’t Pass. 82

A2: Business Solves. 83

A2: Bipartisanship Link. 84

A2: Negotiations Solve. 85

A2: Obama Meeting. 87

A2: PC/Bully Pulpit. 88

No Impact-Creditors. 89

No Impact-Obama. 90

No Impact-Payment. 91

PC Not Key. 92

PC Low.. 93

Concession Link Turn. 94

A2: Shutdown. 95

A2: Military Impact. 96

A2: Immigration. 97

Won’t Pass. 98

A2: Farm Bill 99

No Pass. 100

Already Expired 101

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