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Food Security Discourse Kritik 1.0

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About This File

The Security K has been a popular file being put up to Evazon, and they are always useful on multiple topics.


This one is uniquely strategic for this topic because of the series of Affs that will have agriculture or food-based impacts from Latin American trade. The link and impact evidence is very specific to the framing of food insecurity (over say, soy beans) as a terminal crisis, as well as the typical solution to somehow increase production rates. the specificity in general will make it a struggle for the Aff to spin their generic security answers against this K.


This kritik has a neolib/imperialism ring to it: it criticizes this framing because it is ultimately used to cover up the negative implications of the way that we actually distribute food that is produced, and how those that grow it are hurt. The impacts go the structural violence route with some resource wars and instability turns-case arguments to keep the Aff on their toes.


I think the most strategic part of the K is the alt--it's not your traditional rethinking security or rejection of securitization types of alts--this one advocates a pragmatic response to the way that institutions determine what food goes where that is also an interrogation of the way we frame food insecurity as a threat. What this means is that the typical "case is a DA to the alt" or typical institutional-action-based net benefits to the Perm aren't as responsive, and teams that go for them will be fighting an up-hill battle.


as always, feel free to contact me with any questions about the file, the lit, or other debate-related topics at mason5855[at]gmail[dot]com



***Discursive Food Security K***. 1

**Top Level**. 2

1NC. 3

Overview.. 7

**Framework**. 8

Role of the Ballot 9

A2 Judge Choice. 11

Oppressed voices first 12

**Perm Debate**. 13

A2 Perm.. 14

A2 Every Other Instance. 15

A2 Timeframe Perm.. 16

Multiple Perms Bad. 17

Gotta have a perm text 18

**A2 Other**. 19

A2 Cede the Political 20

A2 You don’t solve all structural violence. 21

A2 Threats Real/Outweigh. 22

A2 Realism Good/Inevitable. 24

A2 Neolib Good. 27

**Links/Impacts**. 28

Link—Economic Engagement 29

Impact—Structural Violence Trade-off 30

Impact—Structural violence/Farmer Suicides. 31

Impact—Structural Violence (Classics) 32

**Theory Debate**. 35

A2 Perf Con. 36

A2 Vague alts. 37

A2 Floating PIKs Bad. 38

A2 Condo Bad. 39

A2 Ks Bad. 40

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