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Security K, Complexity K, Neoliberalism K,+5Ks, Aff k toolbox,Framework 3.30

20.00 USD

About This File

This file now contains 8 ks see below for details


Version 3.1 now contains aff answers to lots of k tricks


Version 3.2

Racial Binary K

Updated links for security

Updated links for complexity

Aff cards



1. Psychoanalysis added

2. New Section (what the community wants)

3. New k Answers



1. Framework

2. New k Answers



Neoliberalism Kritik



AT: words pics

AT: Terror Talk

AT: Said K


Neg Framework-This is a stand alone entry and will be expand



K theory



AT K of t


AT Disease k


Full Table of Contents= http://www.mediafire.com/?x08bhoa46hj0yhs


(ps you have to download too view)

Side note the "what the community wants Section" is a section that anyone who pms me with an argument they want to see added i will look into adding it


Hi everyone as you can see this file has undergone a huge transformation. it started off as just a security k and now has evolved into 8 separate ks. Gained an Aff section which now contains Framework, K tool box, and AT:ks. My long term plan is to almost turn this into a "Thursday" file of Ks. So far 20 people have bought the file thanks for the support! I hope many more of you will purchase it and i hope it will be the best selling file on Cross Ex one day :D ! Now down to the nitty gritty stuff....... More information on whats included. In the negative section the first thing included is the Security k the best way to describe this is ready to go everything is prepped. I already updated the links for this years topic and will look into adding a few more things too it. The shell is short 3 cards this makes it easy to put in with almost any 1nc the strongest part of security part of the file is the Answers to affirmative arguments a lot of time went into making sure those were right. The next thing in the file is complexity. This is also ready to go its just the generic complexity k that we have all come to love but it has some great stuff in it and is better then anything else you will find on cross ex. it still needs some slight updating but it is for the most part ready to run. The Political k is a k that is used against teams that don't use the state. Im sure we all know what Anthro is the version included is a little more specific to k teams. The econ k is close to complexity but is more economic specific. Dynamics is a k of neoliberalism and energy combined. The Racial Binary k is used against race teams basically they don't allow for focus on other forms of racism. Neolib is what we all know just a neolib . Now to the aff section. Ok first thing is first framework its pretty good fully prepped and ready to go as it stands you could just go for framework against the neg. I will most likely add a few more things to it too in future updates. Next thing is the k tool box this is basically an answer to all the tricky and mean things that k teams read. Next is the Specific ks section that for the most part is just cards to read against those ks. Right now the Useful things section is just good generic perm evidence i will expand that later. And last but not least is the what the community wants section which right now just has an answer to one specific k.(k theory just added) I hope you guys like the file thanks for all the support!!!! :wavey:

Note: This is only put under the Transportation topic because Latin America wasn't an option.

What's New in Version 3.30   See changelog


  • Complexity added
  • Political added
  • Anthro Added
  • Econ Added
  • Dynacmics Added
  • Aff k tool box added
  • 3.2
  • Racial Binary K
  • Updated links for security
  • Updated links for complexity
  • Aff cards to ks
  • 3.26
  • aff framework added
  • more AT ks added
  • 3.27
  • Neoliberalism Kritik added
  • 3.28
  • AT: word pics
  • AT: Terror Talk
  • AT: Said K
  • 3.29
  • Neg Framework
  • 3.30
  • K Theory
  • 3.31
  • AT K of t
  • AT Disease k

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i can seem to buy this file


i put in credit card info, etc. and press confirm my order, but nothing happens, it just stays on that page, not even attempting to load up a new one. 

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Has this been resolved because if not i will contact a moderator (and i do believe that someone has bought the file post this comment so it maybe a problem on your end "unless that was you")

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