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Transportation Infrastructure Updates (Free)

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About This File

UPDATE: For what it's worth, this file is now free.


If you're like I was in high school, your NFLs preparation didn't start until a few days before you planned to leave for Birmingham, and it mostly devolved into ranting about draconian disclosure norms and tournament procedure. Luckily for you, I have come around from my anti-capitalist leanings, and am willing to sell my card-cutting labor to you, so you can go back to screaming about what possible reasons a national debate organization could have for keeping you in the dark about the identities of your judges.


This file is over 100 pages of essential updates for the NFL tournament. All of it is from 2013 (about 50% from the last few weeks). I've already underlined a bunch of it. Almost everything is from high-quality sources like journal articles and think tanks. Oh, and it's all flawlessly formatted to meet the NFL's citation requirements (those are a thing, if you didn't already know). If you've seen my other files on evazon, you know that I have pretty high standards for evidence quality - this file is no exception. I've included the following:

  • Updates on key topic controversies - the stimulus debate has been shaken up by some new developments in the economic basis for austerity/'fiscal discipline', and your old cards will no longer cut it. I have new evidence on both sides of this issue, as well as some more obscure economic theory that, to my knowledge, haven't been read in high school this year (and is super compelling).
  • Case and DA updates - the NFLs is all about ethos and perception, and one way to start ahead in that area is to have super new evidence, because it makes your opponents look lazy and stupid in comparison. There's no better feeling than out-prepping an opponent on their own 1AC.
  • Impacts and impact defense - stop reading old impacts and impact answers! I throw up a little bit in my mouth every time I hear people reading cards about North Korea from before the Kim-Jong Un transition. Roughly 50% of this file is devoted to new and extremely good evidence on both sides of many common impacts, like the economy, East Asian conflict, and hegemony. These cards will be useful into next year, and will probably go largely missed by camps because they're not "topic specific" - meaning you'll get a lot from this file even if you aren't going to NFLs this year.

$8 is a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds you're already spending on travel and hotel rooms - why not help me cover my rent while you're at it?


NFLs Updates – Evazon 2013. 1

***Aff. 2

**General 3

Stimulus Good – 2AC. 4

Stimulus Good. 5

AT: Debt Bad. 6

**Disadvantage Answers. 7

General N-UQ/Gaucho. 8

AT: Politics DA.. 9

AT: Steel Tradeoff DA.. 10

AT: CMR DA.. 11

***Neg. 12

**Port Dredging. 13

Squo Solves. 14

Guam – Squo Solves. 15

Guam – Reef DA L/IL. 16

Guam – AT: EIS Solves. 18

Guam – AFF A2 Reef DA.. 19

**NIB. 20

No Solvency – Economy. 21

**Spending DA/AT: Econ Advantage. 23

Infrastructure Link. 24

Infrastructure Link – Pork. 25

Infrastructure Link – Flexibility. 26

HSR Link. 27

Fiscal Discipline IL. 28

AT: Well-Targeted. 29

AT: Stimulus. 30

AT: Safe Infrastructure k2 Econ. 32

**Politics DA.. 33

AT: Obama Pushing Infrastructure Now.. 34

**Misc. Neg. 35

Highways – Squo Solves. 36

Gas Tax – No Solvency. 37

Inland Waters/Ports – Squo Solves. 38

Private CP – Solvency. 39

PPP CP – Solvency. 40

***Impacts & Defense. 42

**Economy. 43

UQ – General 44

UQ – Manufacturing. 45

UQ – Global 47

N-UQ – General 48

N-UQ – Jobs. 49

Turns Environmental Legislation. 50

**Hegemony/Military. 52

UQ – Increasing. 53

N-UQ – Declining. 54

Retrenchment Bad – Bandwagoning. 55

Multipolarity Bad – Alliances. 56

Sustainable – Unilateralism Key. 57

AT: Counterbalancing. 60

AT: Soft Balancing. 63

AT: Naval Power. 64

AT: Naval Power – Global Commons. 65

AT: Naval Power – China. 66

NATO Resilient. 67

AT: Cyberwar. 68

**Prolif. 69

Small Arsenals Bad. 70

**China. 71

ECS – Escalation. 72

ECS/SCS – High Probability. 73

Relations Resilient. 74

AT: China Soft Power. 75

**India. 76

AT: Indo-Pak War. 77

Relations Good—Stability. 78

Relations Alt Causes. 79

AT: Relations Good – General 80

AT: Relations Good – China. 81

AT: Relations Good – Burma. 82

AT: Relations Good – Terrorism.. 83

AT: Relations Good – Security Coop. 84

**Japan. 85

Alliance Resilient. 86

AT: Japan Militarization/Aggression. 88

AT: Japan Prolif – Slow.. 90

**Korea. 91

High Probability. 92

AT: Korea War. 94

AT: SK Prolif. 95

**Russia. 96

AT: Russia Conflict. 97

**Iran. 98

UQ – Yes Prolif. 99

AT: Prolif Good. 100

Breakout Capability Bad. 102

Sanctions Regime Good. 104

Sanctions Regime Bad. 105

AT: Iran Influence Bad. 106

**Warming. 108

AT: US Modeling. 109

**Disease. 110

High Probability. 111

**Resources. 112

Famine Bad. 113


See you all y'all in Birmingham!


I debated in high school and college for eight years. This fall, I'll be a policy debate coach at the University of Puget Sound. I also am an assistant policy debate coach at Bingham High School, where I have coached multiple teams to acquiring TOC bids.

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