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About This File

This file is a collection of a few things:

  • Kritik framework updates and answers to basic alternative takeouts. Along with basic impact framing/prioritization args, I've included a number of pretty strong cards that should cover you on alt defense in the block, as well as a few pieces of external offense for controlling truth-claims and the like. I also threw in a handful of specific critical indicts of the Pinker study concerning rates of violence that people read as impact uniqueness against the K in the 2AC. These cards are almost all relatively new (i.e. published since last summer's camp evidence output) and should be compatible with most Ks.
  • K Aff answers to some of the 1NC framework args that have gained prominence in the last few years. Specific emphasis is placed on defending against agonism- and deliberative democracy-based offense. These cards are older, but still quite good, and to my knowledge, most of them haven't been read in high school or college debate yet.
  • Some recent links to China and global warming impacts - because you need to stop reading those tired old Pan cards.

If you go for the K with any regularity on the aff or on the neg, new and recent points of offense can often be the difference between victory and defeat against well-prepared teams - this file will help catch your opponents off-guard with new ways to indict their stale defenses of traditional policymaking.



Behold, the table of contents:


Critique Goodies – Evazon 2013. 1

***Framework/Etc. 2

Ontology 1st 3

Epistemology 1st 4

Language 1st 5

Facts Bad. 7

IR Bad. 8

AT: Specific Alt Key. 9

AT: Sil/Epistemic Pragmatism.. 11

AT: Science = Truth. 13

AT: Objectivity k2 Action. 14

AT: Predictions Solve Complexity/Science is Self-Correcting. 15

AT: Big Words Bad/Ivory Tower. 16

***AT Agonism.. 17

AT: Nietzschean Agonism – 2AC. 18

Critical Agonism Good. 21

AT: You Destroy Debate. 22

AT: Positivism/Objectivity. 23

***AT Deliberative Democracy. 24

Deliberative Democracy Bad. 25

Consensus Bad. 29

Consensus Bad - Fundamentalism.. 30

Consensus Bad - Populism.. 31

Third Way Bad—Inequality. 32

Third Way Bad—Power. 33

Topicality Bad. 34

AT: Rules k2 Democracy. 38

AT: Coalitions/Krishna. 39

AT: Bahktin/Dialogical Exchange. 40

***Violence UQ.. 42

AT: Pinker—General 43

AT: Pinker—Democratic Peace. 44

AT: Pinker—Foucault K. 45

***Generic Links. 47

China Link – 1NC. 48

China Link. 50

China Framework. 52

Global Warming Link. 53

Global Warming Framework. 56

AT: Warming’s bad for the 3rd world. 59


I debated in high school and college for eight years. This fall, I'll be a policy debate coach at the University of Puget Sound. I also am an assistant policy debate coach at Bingham High School, where I have coached multiple teams to acquiring TOC bids.

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