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Kritik Answer Updates - Nationals '13 (Update: Free)

About This File

***Update: sorry to the 1 or 2 people that have bought this file in the past few weeks, but my interest in these cards has kinda faded, so I'm making it free now. Enjoy!***


NDCA, the TOC, and NFLs are coming up, and that means there are gonna be plenty of wacky new Ks to deal with - if you don't have a philosophy PhD, the next-best thing to throw back at them are some sick cards from 2013 about why the alt doesn't do anything. This file should help you do that. A solid majority of the evidence is from sources published since the conclusion of camp evidence production last summer; a fair amount is from this calendar year. Much of the file is cut from peer-reviewed sources. I'd say about 75% is already highlighted, and I've included some basic extensions for some things. I'm only charging $6 because I'm generous, but honestly, these cards are pretty sick, and the file's 120 or so pages long, so you should probably just buy it pronto.


In addition to generic stuff (framework answers, alt takeouts, defenses of the aff, and so on) I've also thrown in some cards on all-too-common authors like Heidegger and Zizek as well as some answers to new and intimidating Ks like object-oriented ontology. Finally, I've included some previously undiscovered answers to annoying things like Kappeler and Deep Eco just because peoples' answers to these arguments tend to be irredeemably terrible in my experience, and I'm tired of voting for them.


Even if you're not going to nationals, a lot of these cards are cut from books and journals that probably aren't going to come up on some high schooler's search for "hegemony collapse outweighs zizek" at the 7 week next summer, so you should still check it out.


Table of contents:


Kritik Answers Updates 1

**General 2

*State Good 3

2AC—Radical Democracy 4

1AR—Radical Democracy 6

AT: State Bad 8

2AC—AT: FW General 9

2AC—Walt 10

1AR—Walt 11

AT: Unethical 12

AT: Anarchism 13

Pluralism Good 14

Pragmatism Good 18

Infrastructure Investment Good 20

Cede the Political/Perm 21

*FW/Etc 23

2AC—Root Cause Bad 24

1AR—Root Cause Bad 25

2AC—Discourse Bad 26

1AR—Discourse Bad 28

Discourse Bad 29

AT: Expertism Ks 31

2AC—Predictions Good/AT: Complexity 33

2AC—Predictions/Empirics Good 35

AT: Complexity 36

*Misc 37

AT: Identity Politics 38

AT: Affect 39

AT: Foucauldian neoliberalism critiques 41

AT: Governmentality 43

AT: Kappeler 45

**Specific 47

*Capitalism/Neoliberalism 48

Perm—State Good 49

Perm—Pluralism 51

Perm—Post-Neoliberalism 52

Perm—Strategic Innovation 53

Totalization NB 55

Growth Good—Poverty 56

Capitalism Sustainable 2AC 57

AT: Growth Unsustainable—Resources 58

AT: Growth Unsustainable—Commodity Prices 60

AT: Growth Unsustainable—Production 61

AT: Growth Unsustainable—Population 62

AT: Growth Unsustainable—Food/Ag 63

AT: Growth Unsustainable—Pollution 64

Bad Scholarship 65

*Environment 69

Specificity Good 70

Ethics Perm 72

Eco-Pragmatism Perm 73

Science Good 75

Technology Good 77

Managerialism Good 80

Warming Apocalypticism Good 81

AT: Anthropocentrism 83

AT: Deep Ecology 85

AT: Env Justice—No Impact 89

AT: Env Justice—Impractical 90

AT: Env Justice—Poverty 91

AT: Civilization K 92

*Compassion Fatigue 94

False—Empirics 95

AT: Disaster Porn 96

AT: Moeller/Compassion Fatigue 98

*Zizek 101

AT: K of Nature 102

“The Act†Bad 103

AT: Do Nothing 106

*Heidegger 108

Anthro K 109

Ethics > Ontology 112

*Object-Oriented Ontology 116

Ethics DA 117

Epistemology DA 118

No Solvency—Correlationism 121

Heidegger K 122

Perm 124


My name is James Stevenson. I'm a graduating senior at the University of Puget Sound, where I debated regionally and nationally for four years, following a four-year high school career debating locally and regionally in Utah. I am currently an assistant coach at Bingham High School in Utah.

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Why are you still reading crappy k answers that from 2004?  James isn't.  That is because James probably cuts the best K answers of anyone in the country.  If James was as good at debate as he is at cutting K answers he would have won the NDT.  James is still pretty good at debate: he was top speaker (and second seed) at the D2 NDT qualifier, and managed to do pretty well this year debating with a freshman.  But, he has always been better at cutting K answers.  It has never been possible to read as good K answers as him--until now.  James has gone through and selected 120+ pages of new K answers from this year--I can't stress enough how valuable this file is.


This file contains many 2013 cards from books/obscure journals and they tend to be very good.  Many of these cards have NEVER been read in a debate before.  Post NDT some newer K arguments like OOO are likely to end up being passed down to your competitors and this file is a good way to be prepared for that


If you DONT buy this file you will

  • Probably lose to the K at the TOC/NFL nats
  • Sound like a tool when you are reading old cards and everyone else has got shinny new k answers. 

You want this file.


The only thing I don't understand is why this is only $6.

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If the quality of Jimmy's cards is at all equal to his adorableness, this is worth more than $6.

If the quality of Jimmy's cards is at all equal to how easy it is to rustle his jimmies, this is a national treasure.

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This thing is worth it for $6. There is super up-to-date evidence, and most of the cards are highlighted too! I would've paid $30 for this.

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this file is phenomenal, i only got it for the OOO answers but the rest is awesome. I haven't seen any of these cards before and they're great... totally worth it. 

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