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Thursday File April 4th, 2013

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About This File

Lots of NFL qualifiers coming up! Make sure you keep the aff on their toes with unique impact scenarios. This weeks Thursday File provides a hefty negative update, including new impact scenarios and answers to recent thumpers. Immigration reform is still where all the focus is at, so there is lot's of timely literature on it. The whole file consists of new cards, so you're getting 35 pages of innovation.


This file was written by Ross and Stephanie Garrett. Ross Garrett is an assistant debate coach at Kent Denver, and has previously coached for New Trier, Mountain Brook, and Samford University. His students have won top speaker at Blake, won the Emory tournament, appeared in elimination rounds at the TOC, and have received TOC bids at tournaments around the country. Samford appeared in the octofinals of the NDT and was ranked in the top 25 poll throughout his tenure. Stephanie Garrett is the head debate coach at Kent Denver, her teams have appeared in the elimination rounds at Wake Forest, Iowa Caucus, Alta and finals of JV Glenbrooks this season, and are the Colorado state champions.





Will Pass. 2

Capital Key. 5

Top of Docket. 6

Impacts – India Relations. 7

Impacts - Economy. 10

Impacts - Biotech. 12

Public Popularity. 14

Impacts – Food Security. 15

Impacts – Food Security – Magnitude and Probability. 16

Impacts – Food Security - Protectionism.. 18

Impacts - Warming. 20

Impacts – Cyber Security. 22

Impacts – Industrial Base. 24

AT: Budget Thumper. 26

AT: Guns Thumper. 27

AT: Perez Thumper. 28

AT: XO Solves. 29

AT: Taxes Thumper. 32

Won’t Pass. 32

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