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2013 Warming Updates

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About This File

This is a relatively short file that contains some quick hits on the major issues related to climate change. All the cards are from 2013 and all but one is from March.


Items include:


- A 1AC quality card that warming is happening, caused by humans, and that now is key


- Cards both ways on the study released earlier this month that volcano emissions are slowing the rate of warming


- An answer to the classic "SO2 screw" (aerosol emissions prevent warming)


- A new ice age link saying that CO2 prevents a new ice age, along with a famine impact to ice age


- A slew of cards questioning the ideas that 1) warming is happening and 2) if it is happening, that CO2 is what is causing it



I debated for four years at Groves High School in Beverly Hills, MI. During my senior year I debated almost exclusively on the national circuit, reaching elimination rounds at East Grand Rapids, New Trier, and Harvard. I have debated for four years at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, clearing at regional and national tournaments and during the 2011-12 season qualifying for the NDT. As a coach for Seaholm High School my debaters have reached elimination rounds at local and national tournaments.


Email/fb me if you want to discuss this file or anything else about debate.





2013 Warming Ups 2

Yes Warming 3

New Warming Impact 4

AT: SO2 Screw 6

AT: Volcanoes Slow Warming 7

No Warming 8

Global Cooling 9

Warming Slowing 10

CO2 Defense/Warming Natural 12

Ice Age Link – Warming Prevents It 14

Ice Age Bad – Famine 15

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