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Thursday File March 7th 2013

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About This File

Yesterday, Obama took a major pivot on the budget negotiations. For the first time he has started to reach out to rank and file republicans to try and get a deal. This new push is being dubbed a "budget grand bargain". This week's file brings you a scenario based on these events and an update to our ongoing immigration reform scenario. Find out more about the authors and table of contents below.


With the sequester behind us there are not as many looming budget crisis coming up. With a little breathing room Obama is trying to negotiate a budget grand bargain to finally put these issues to a rest. Our scenario indicates these talks will be key to getting the debt ceiling approved and to entitlement reforms. The debt ceiling still has good economy impacts that are distinct from anything that happened with the sequester. Entitlement reform is a big impact area that can be expanded upon.


On the immigration reform front this file brings some recent answers for the aff as well as comprehensive uniqueness for both the affirmative and negative.


This file was written by Ross and Stephanie Garrett. Ross Garrett is an assistant debate coach at Kent Denver, and has previously coached for New Trier, Mountain Brook, and Samford University. His students have won top speaker at Blake, won the Emory tournament, appeared in elimination rounds at the TOC, and have received TOC bids at tournaments around the country. Samford appeared in the octofinals of the NDT and was ranked in the top 25 poll throughout his tenure. Stephanie Garrett is the head debate coach at Kent Denver, her teams have appeared in the elimination rounds at Berkeley, Wake Forest, Iowa Caucus, Alta, UNLV, and finals of JV Glenbrooks this season.





Budget Grand Bargain. 3

Neg. 4

1nc. 5

Will Pass (1/4). 7

Will Pass (2/4). 8

Will Pass (3/4). 9

Will Pass (4/4). 10

Now Key. 11

Political Capital Key. 12

Impacts – TURNS CASE. 13

Impacts – Debt Ceiling—Key to Econ. 14

Impacts – Debt Ceiling—Key to Econ. 15

Impacts – Debt Ceiling—Key to Econ. 16

Impacts – Debt Ceiling—Key to Econ. 17

Impacts—Debt Ceiling Key to Credit Rating. 18

Impacts—Debt Ceiling Key to Credit Rating—AT: Any Alt Cause. 19

Impacts – Government Shut Down. 20

Impacts – Defense Spending. 21

Impacts—Debt Ceiling—Turns Aerospace. 22

Impacts—Debt Ceiling—Turns Heg. 24

Debt Ceiling—AT: Trillion dollar coin. 26

Debt Ceiling—AT: Obama will prevent it. 27

Impacts – Entitlement Reform—Budget Deal Solves. 28

Impacts – Entitlement Reform—Econ. 29

Aff. 30

Political Capital Not Key—Budget Deal 31

A2: Debt Ceiling - No Impact (1/3). 32

A2: Debt Ceiling - No Impact (2/3). 33

A2: Debt Ceiling - No Impact (3/3). 34

Budget Deal—Won’t Pass. 35

Immigration Reform.. 36

Will Pass (1/2). 37

Will Pass (2/2). 38

Won’t Pass (1/2). 39

Won’t Pass (2/2). 40

Political Capital Hurts CIR. 41

Impacts—STEM Workers. 42

Impact Answers—CIR has no timeframe. 43

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