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Thursday File 2/21/2013 Microsoft Word

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About This File

Hey y'all:


This week, the word is "sequester". Obama has a stopgap measure to avoid it. it will be voted on in the next 7 days. Enough GOP Congressman may agree to it and it will pass. Sequester would kill economy, lay off 800,000, and destroy military readiness.


Immigration reform: There are TWO plans out there. Obama just presented his plan. A bipartisan committee of Congress is drafting one as well. The GOP opposes Obama's plan, The Congressional bill is passable. Obama's plan will be presented if Congress' bill does not pass. Bottom line, it's a good possibility that immigration reform can be passed in some form.


I've added some cybersecurity cards. There are links to Chinese espionage.

There is an "Executive Order creating a Presidential Committee" counterplan. I've added answers to that.


My name is Wes Fowler. I live in Chicago. I debated at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY and later in the NDT at Augustana College. After graduating law school, I began assistant coaching high school debate in the Chicago Debate League. Every school I have assisted has won the City Championships. I have been coaching for 10 years.


Table of Contents

Politics (Capital) AFF. 9

Politics (Capital) AFF. 10

Politics (General) AFF. 13

Politics – Immigration Reform AFF. 15

Politics – Sequester NEG Uniqueness. 16

Politics – Sequester NEG Impacts. 21

Politics – Sequester AFF Uniqueness. 25

Politics – Sequester AFF. 27

Politics – Immigration NEG Uniqueness. 28

Politics – Immigration AFF Uniqueness. 31

Politics (General ) NEG Links. 32

Smart Grid Inherency.. 35

High Speed Rail Harms. 36

High Speed Rail Harms. 37

Cybersecurity Inherency Neg.. 38

Cybersecurity Inherency- AFF. 39

Funding – Tax-Exempt Bonds. 40

Inherency (General) 41

Cybersecurity- China.. 42



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