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**Dedev Update + Nuke War Defense - Reduced Price**

3.00 USD

About This File

This file is intended to be a de-development supplement (yes, there are ZERO camp cards/backfiles). It is mostly geared towards the uniqueness component of the debate which is critical to executing this particular impact turn strategy.


A number of benefits to having this supplement for your arsenal

  • Growth is the biggest adv on the topic – if you have nothing else to say, you can always impact turn
  • Control uniqueness – makes it impossible for them to win any of their offense – growth is going to collapse, only a question of whether we let it happen now to avoid ecological collapse and runaway warming
  • Strategery – Impact turns such as this one are incredibly strategic on the negative since you get the block to bury the affirmative with distinctions, comparisons, and evidence
  • Evidence quality – no evidence from blogs or idiots
  • Recency/New-ness – Includes evidence from the past 3 months *that has not been read* and cards you will *not find in any camp files*

As a bonus, also includes a few impact calc cards about nuclear war – use these to prove that your structural/environmental impacts outweigh the aff



1NC*. 2

1NC*. 3

2NC – Collapse Inev/Solves Extinction. 5

UQ – Unsustainable. 6

UQ – Unsustainable. 8

UQ – Unsustainable. 10

MPX – Extinction. 11

MPX – Ethics/Sustainability. 12

MPX – China. 15

AT: Tech. 17

AT: Renewables. 18

AT: War Impacts. 19

Warming/Nuke War – Bonus*. 20

Warming OW Nuke War 21

Nuke War X Extinction. 22

Nuke War X Extinction. 23

No Nuclear War 24

No Nuclear War 25


I am an assistant coach at the University of North Texas. Debated four years at Deer Park High School and four years and the University of Texas at Dallas where my accomplishments included: three time qualifier to the NDT, first-round bid to the NDT, octo-finals of the NDT, 1st place at the UMKC tournament, octo-finals of GSU, octos at Harvard (twice), semis of Georgia, Kentucky Rd Robin invite, and winner at the Arizona Debate Institute Fellows Tournament.

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