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**Wilderson Answers 3.0 - Reduced Price + More Cards**

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About This File

This is a comprehensive file to answer the increasingly popular Wilderson kritik which a number of nationally competitive teams have been winning on. It includes offense to commonly read alternatives, indicts to wilderson and his methodology, answers to "social death", and everything else you need to effectively answer this kritik. All of the evidence is extremely high-quality.


Extintion First <3. 2

AT: Wilderson – 2AC Must-Read. 3

AT: Wilderson – No Socal Death*. 5

AT: Wilderson – No Socal Death*. 7

AT: Wilderson – Wrong/Bad Method. 12

AT: Wilderson – Wrong/Bad Method. 13

AT: Wilderson – Wrong/Bad Method. 15

AT: Wilderson – Fatalism Turn. 16

AT: Wilderson – Essentialist 17

AT: Wilderson – Pessimism Turn. 18

AT: Wilderson – Recreates Violence. 19

AT: Wilderson – Link Turn/Coalitions Key. 21

AT: Sexton. 22

States Good/Redeemable. 23

States Good/Redeemable. 24

States Good/Redeemable. 25

States Good/Redeemable. 27

States Good/Redeemable – Empirics Prove. 28

AT: Afro-Pessimism.. 29

AT: Afro-Pessimism.. 30

AT: End America. 32

AT: Revolution – Backlash/Rollback. 33

AT: Revolution – Backlash/Rollback. 34

AT: Revolution – Can’t Solve Doination. 35

AT: Root Cause. 36

AT: Root Cause. 37

AT: Root Cause. 38

AT: Root Cause. 39

AT: Root Cause. 40

AT: Author Bias/Epistemology. 41

AT: Ontological Blackness. 42

AT: Ontological Blackness. 44




I am an assistant coach at the University of North Texas. I debated for four years at Deer Park High School and four years and the University of Texas at Dallas where my accomplishments included: octo-finals of the NDT, a first-round bid to the NDT, 1st place at the UMKC tournament, octo-finals of GSU, octos at Harvard (twice), 2nd place at ADA Nationals, semis of Georgia, a Kentucky Rd Robin invite, and winner at the Arizona Debate Institute Fellows Tournament. I have judged over 40 rds on the transportaton topic and coached debate for four years, including working at the Jayhawk Debate Institute.

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