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DeDev Answers

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About This File

This file includes comprehensive answers to growth bad/dedev arguments. Everyone is reading econ advantages this year and lots of people are resorting to dedev as a generic negative strategy. My experience has taught me that when negative teams win these debates it is usually because 1) the neg has evidence on an issue and the aff does not, or 2) the aff reads crappy evidence. This file solves both of these problems - no Mead/Kerpen/Bearden/Cook evidence here. Every card in the file - including the extensions - are ones you won't be embarrassed to give to a judge when she/he is sorting out the inevitable card war. There are a ton of extensions in the file so you don't have to worry about getting out-carded. I also included a section of the file to answer the most common "tricks" that also contains some creative arguments for you to read that will give any neg team a headache.




Why should I buy this file when there are perfectly good camp files out there?


1) This file includes evidence that a search of the high school and college caselists confirms have not been read in any debates yet. These cards are all from 2011 and 2012 and are cut from books.

2) It is organized into a frontline and every argument has pre-written extensions.

3) Every single card in the file is highlighted.







I debated for four years at Groves High School in Beverly Hills, MI. During my senior year I debated almost exclusively on the national circuit, reaching elimination rounds at East Grand Rapids, New Trier, and Harvard. I have debated for four years at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, clearing at regional and national tournaments and during the 2011-12 season qualifying for the NDT. As a coach for Seaholm High School my debaters have reached elimination rounds at local and national tournaments.




Email/fb me if you want to discuss this file, dedev in general, or anything else about debate.








Table of Contents


AT: Dedev 1

DeDev Frontline 2

Ext #2 – No Limits to Growth/Sustainability 8

Ext #3 – No Mindset Shift 12

Ext #4 – War 13

AT: K-Waves 17

Ext #5 – Space 18

Ext #6-8 – Environment 20

Generally Helpful Materials/Answers to Their Stuff 22

Bias/Epistemology 23

Growth Sustainable - Nanotech 26

Growth Sustainable – AI Solves 27

Growth Sustainable – Robots 28

AT: Endocrine Disruption 29

AT: Overpopulation 31

AT: Growth Killing VTL/Rights 34

AT: Health/Disease 35

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