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Techno-Optimism Critique

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About This File

Highlighted and blocked out critique of techno-optimism (the belief that all our problems can be fixed with a simple technological fix--same argument Harvard BS got to semis of the Wake Tournament reading!) with evidence specific to nuclear framing that is fantastic!


-Excellent 2nc epistemology indict of the affirmative as well as impact framing evidence.

-Satellite K's / Link Mod's included for accidents, competitiveness, econ, environment, hegemony, and warming.

-Indicts of positivism and deterrence included (common aff answers)

-Awesome framework evidence about nuclear power and energy

-Skepticism evidence to make the argument that aff impacts should be considered unlikely

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The file has a couple useful cards, but overall its not applicable for the current high school topic. Almost all its cards are specific to infrastructure used to create nuclear energy and not any technological fix.Overall its not worth a buy if you want it for the transportation topic.

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