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K Updates - Aff and Neg

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About This File

This is simply a collection of random K updates for the aff and neg that I've amassed recently, primarily centering around representations-based Ks (security, etc). I've never seen any of these cards in a debate that I wasn't in. The vast majority of the cards are from 2011/2012, all the aff cards have extensions, and everything is highlighted. As a bonus - you'll get the best card I've cut this year that can really apply to any situation in which you're reading a K.




Random K Updates. 1

Aff 2

2ac slayer. 3

1ar slayer. 5

2ac policy relevance. 6

1ar policy relevance. 7

2ac reps. 8

1ar reps. 9

2ac fear good. 10

1ar fear good. 11

2ac moral relativism bad. 13

1ar moral relativism bad. 14

2ac realism... 16

1ar realism... 18

at: sfp/arms race. 19

at: counter-examples. 20

at: realism is violent 21

at: liberalism good. 22

2ac nyquist counter-k. 23

Neg. 26

the best k card you will read. 27

1nc/2nc heg link. 30

2nc reps first 32

at: owen 2. 34

at: policy relevance. 36

2nc role of the ballot 37

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