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Structural Violence Affirmative Beneath The Neon

15.00 USD

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About This File

This one goes out to the sewers. The aff has no plan text, but if one wanted to add one i'm sure you can make one. The affirmative is all about a personal INVESTMENT in the darker underside of our infrastructure, saying that while most conceptions of transportation infrastructure like to look at the top side of things and imagine the roads and what not as something we drive over... this aff looks underneath and understand it not only as transportation but also life support for those without homes. - FULLY ENDORSED BY Brian D. Gonzaba and ready to be run right now!


Beneath The Neon – AFFIRMATIVE 2012-13

1AC 1/7. 3

1AC 2/7. 4

1AC 3/7. 5

1AC 4/7. 7

1AC 5/7. 8

1AC 6/7. 9

1AC 7/7. 10

AT: Topicality /Framework 1/3. 11

AT: Topicality /Framework 2/3. 12

AT: Topicality /Framework 3/3. 13


AT: Cede The Political 15

AT: Capitalism.. 16

AT: Speaking for Others. 17

AT: Nietzsche 1/2. 18

AT: Nietzsche 2/2. 19

AT: High Theory 1/4. 20

AT: High Theory 2/4. 21

AT: High Theory 3/4. 22

AT: High Theory 4/4. 23

AT:â€Do Something†Counter Plan. 24

AT: Pessimism or Nihilism.. 25

AT: The Spread 1/2. 26

AT: The Spread 2/2. 27

AT: Disads/Nuke War Impacts. 28

AT: Hegemony Good 1/3. 29

AT: Hegemony Good 2/3. 30

AT: Hegemony Good 3/3. 31

K on K violence Overview.. 32

AT: Bataille. 33

AT: Kappeler. 35

AT: Black White Binary. 36

AT: Narratives Bad. 37

AT: Word PICS. 38

1AR Shively fw.. 39

1AR Smith fw.. 40

AT: Ontology Bad. 41

Permutation Module 1/2. 42

Permutation Module 2/2. 43

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The aff is great. The premise behind it is sound. I think there should be some more evidence for the blocks, but the analytics on here are incredibly sound. Definitely worth it. Also, it has answers to the majority of arguments that would be run against it, which means you're basically set. Make sure you read through the entire file to understand your argument. also, bell hooks is great in my opinion. I feel as if you could use the card citing her in the 1AC as an answer to the majority of things. All in all, a great file and a great aff.

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Ridiculous waste of money. I should have been warned that this was not a stock issue case, it is a kritikal affirmative which denies that fiat is a real construct. My local circuit judges won't accept this type of argument.

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Just depends on how you feel about K Aff's. If you're used to stock issue and policy Aff's then of course it's going to seem like a waste. I feel as if it's good though.

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