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Thursday File 9-27 1

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About This File

Politics is becoming increasingly difficult to run in the current climate. Agenda politics scenarios are tough because of the election and the uncertainty it creates. Usually, elections would be the choice of DA, but uniqueness is increasingly in favor of President Obama so uniqueness overwhelms the link has become a dangerous argument. This weeks Thursday File helps you prepare for an Obama Good DA by digging deep into the most important elections questions for the AFF and NEG, Find out more about the file, the author, and the table of contents below.


There are few important issues this file will answer for you:


1. How can Romney possibly win? The answer is Ohio and this file has an extensive section covering this issue, and AFF cards to help fight this most likely link scenario.


2. What about uniqueness overwhelms the link? This file provides the AFF with good evidence, but also gives the NEG the right thread the needle cards for this issue.


3. What about the impact debate? This file brings you many updated answers relating to common arguments about Iran, Health Care, and Lost.


4. What if I like or hit agenda politics? This file also provides uniqueness and key issue coverage for both Jackson Vanik and the Fiscal cliff the two most likely scenarios.


CJ Clevenger is the assistant at The Barstow School. In just his first few years working with them they have obtained numerous bids to the TOC. His teams have been in elimination rounds at every major tournament including, Harvard, Glenbrooks, Ohio Valley, Iowa Caucus, OMaha-Westside, KCKCC, winning Heritage Hall.






Background Card 2

Obama Win Now 4

Obama Win – A2: Gets Complacent 5

A2: Romney Missteps Thumper 6

Obama Win – A2: Uniq. Overwhelms Link 7

A2: Polls Skewed 8

A2: Polls Skewed – Voter Turn Out 9


Obama Win – Swing States 11

Obama Wins – Swing States – Econ 12

Obama Win – Swing States – Approval Ratings 13

Obama Win – OH & FL Key 14

Obama Win – VA, OH, FL 15

Obama Win – Penn 16

***OHIO 17

Obama Win – Ohio 18

Ohio Key – A2: Poll Skewed 19

Ohio K2 Romney Victory 20

Ohio Key > Florida 21

A2: Romney Can Win W/O Ohio 22

Unemployment Not Key 23


Obama Win – Florida 25

Obama Win – Florida – Base & Immigration 26

Ohio & Florida Key 27


Romney Win – Swing States – Attentive Voters 29

Romney Win – Ohio 30

A2: Obama Win Swing States 31

Polls Skewed – Voter Turn Out 32

Uniq. Overwhelms Link 33

Uniq Overwhelms Link – Ohio 34

Uniq. Overwhelms Link & No Link 36


Obama Win 38

Obama Wall Uniqueness Wall 39

Obama Win 41

Obama Win – Wisconsin 42

Obama Win – Virginia 43

Obama Win – Florida 44

Obama Win – Michigan 45

AT: Obama Lose – Romney Fundraising 46

AT: Uniqueness Overwhelms – Link Outweighs 47

Romney Win 48

AT: Romney 47% Gaffe 49

AT: Romney Middle East Gaffe 50

Senate Elections – GOP Losing 51

***LINK*** 51

Link – Swing States – Private Better Than Gov 52

Link Magnifier – Debt & Deficit 53


Romney Can’t Flip Ohio Votes 55

Turn – Ohio – Stimulus Popular 56

No Link – Ohio 57

No Link – Florida 59

No Link – Econ & Jobs 60

No Link – Messaging 61


Link Turn Shields 63

AT: Ohio Link Turn 64

Econ Key To Election 65

Space Links 66

Gas Tax Links 67

Aff – Obama Taking Credit For Investment Now 68

***IMPACTS*** 68

Iran Strikes Now 69

Iran Attack Israel – Yes 70

A2: Obama’s Already Tough On Iran 71

AT: Strikes Good – Iran Prolif 72

Ext – No Impact To Prolif 73

AT: Prolif Emboldens Iran 74

AT: Prolif Leads to Terrorist Handoff 75

AT: Prolif Leads to ME Prolif/Spills Over 76

AT: Health Care Bad – Can’t Repeal 77

AT: Health Care Bad – Econ 78

AT: LOST Bad – Won’t Pass 79

Ext – LOST Won’t Pass 80

AT: LOST Bad – General Impact Turn 81

Ext – AT: Impact Turns 82

AT: LOST Bad – Econ 83

AT: LOST Bad – Hege 84

AT: LOST Bad – Key to Diplomacy 85

A2: Heg Collapse 86


Thumper – Recess Appointments 87

JV – Pol Cap Key 88

JV – Vote Delayed 89

AT: Obama Good DAs – General 90

AT: Jackson-Vanick – Won’t Pass 91

AT: Jacson-Vanick – Doesn’t Solve Relations 92

AT: Fiscal Cliff – Won’t Pass 93

AT: Fiscal Cliff – Fiscal Cliff Good 94

Ext – Fiscal Cliff Good 95

AT: Doesn’t Solve Deficit 97

AT: Defense Cuts Impact 98

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