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Thursday File - September 20th (Greenhill)

10.00 USD

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About This File

This week's Thursday File updates the Obama Good elections DA. It includes extensive uniqueness work both ways from the last few days that takes into account the news of the week (Romney's 47% gaffe, Obama's surge in several swing states). In addition to general uniqueness, I cut cards on the race in some of the biggest swing states. Since most of you probably already know what impact scenario you are reading, I decided to focus more on the link debate and answering some common impact turns. The link turn shield includes a new card from Orski (a common 1NC link author) from this week. The impact turn cards are originally researched answers to impact turns that many teams have been running.


Aside from the elections debate, I included updated answers to many agenda DAs teams could run. As an added bonus, I included some new impact cards, including the best impact to warming (in terms of being high-quality and short) since Tickell, and some economy updates.


Good luck at Greenhill or wherever you are debating this weekend!


Thursday File 9-20 1

New Uniqueness 3

1NC Obama Win 4

Obama Wall Uniqueness Wall 5

Obama Win 7

Obama Win – Wisconsin 8

Obama Win – Virginia 9

Obama Win – Florida 10

Obama Win – Michigan 11

AT: Obama Lose – Romney Fundraising 12

AT: Uniqueness Overwhelms – Link Outweighs 13

Romney Win 14

AT: Romney 47% Gaffe 15

AT: Romney Middle East Gaffe 16

Senate Elections – GOP Losing 17

Old Uniqueness 18

General 19

Obama Win - Florida 20

Obama Win – Michigan 21

Link 22

Link Turn Shields 23

AT: Ohio Link Turn 25

Econ Key To Election 27

Space Links 28

Gas Tax Links 29

Aff – Obama Taking Credit For Investment Now 30

Impact 31

AT: Strikes Good – Iran Prolif 32

Ext – No Impact To Prolif 33

AT: Prolif Emboldens Iran 34

AT: Prolif Leads to Terrorist Handoff 35

AT: Prolif Leads to ME Prolif/Spills Over 36

AT: Health Care Bad – Can’t Repeal 37

AT: Health Care Bad – Econ 38

AT: LOST Bad – Won’t Pass 39

Ext – LOST Won’t Pass 40

AT: LOST Bad – General Impact Turn 41

Ext – AT: Impact Turns 43

AT: LOST Bad – Econ 44

AT: LOST Bad – Hege 45

AT: LOST Bad – Key to Diplomacy 46

Agenda Updates 47

AT: Obama Good DAs – General 48

AT: Jackson-Vanick – Won’t Pass 49

AT: Jacson-Vanick – Doesn’t Solve Relations 50

AT: Fiscal Cliff – Won’t Pass 51

AT: Fiscal Cliff – Fiscal Cliff Good 52

Ext – Fiscal Cliff Good 53

AT: Doesn’t Solve Deficit 55

AT: Defense Cuts Impact 56

General Impact Work 57

Econ Decline Bad – This Recession Is Different/AT: Resilient 58

Warming Bad – Extinction 59

Other 60

Econ Up 61

Housing Market Up 62

Tourism Industry Up 63

Russia Econ Low 64


Bio -

My name is Brad Meloche. Over the last four years as a debater for Wayne State University, I have reached the elimination rounds and received speaker awards at multiple local and regional tournaments and qualified for the 2012 NDT. As a four year debater for Groves High School (MI), I reached elimination rounds at Harvard, New Trier, and East Grand Rapids, as well as having great local success. As a coach for Seaholm High School, I have coached debaters to the elimination rounds of multiple national tournaments, including the 2011 NCFL national tournament. I also coached and judged at the 2011 Tournament of Champions for Brother Rice High School.

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