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Thursday File September 13, 2012

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About This File

This week's Thursday File features a Romney Bad China Bashing DA, written by Ross and Stephanie Garrett There are multiple reasons that this scenario is advantageous find out more about the file, its table of contents, and the authors below.


There are a six reasons that China Bashing is one of the best elections scenarios in the context of the high school topic:

1. Elections is the dominant political issue.

2. Romney has very clearly made a policy pledge to label China a "currency manipulator" his first day in office, he doesn't need Congress for that promise.

3. The impacts from changing the China label are short term.

4. China Bashing lets you turn most of the AFF's best advantages like the economy.

5. The link direction for Romney bad works very well. Announcing major spending on long term infrastructure projects that could rile fears of the debt isn't a great election strategy for Obama.

6. Right now uniqueness seems to be tipping toward Obama winning now.



The file also include AFF answers to this scenario and uniqueness for both sides of the election debate.


Ross Garrett is an assistant debate coach at Kent Denver, and has previously coached for New Trier, Mountain Brook, and Samford University. His students have won top speaker at Blake, won the Emory tournament, appeared in elimination rounds at the TOC, and have received TOC bids at tournaments around the country. Samford appeared in the octofinals of the NDT and was ranked in the top 25 poll throughout his tenure. Stephanie Garrett is the head debate coach at Kent Denver.



Obama Good 1NC. 2

Obama Good 1NC. 4

New Uniqueness. 6

Obama Winning Now.. 7

Obama Winning Now.. 8

Obama Winning Now.. 9

Obama Winning Now.. 10

Romney Winning Now.. 11

Romney Winning Now.. 12

Romney Winning—AT: Obama Convention Bump. 13

Impact Evidence. 14

2NC Overview Cards. 15

Romney Bad for China Relations. 16

Romney Bad for China Relations. 17

A2: Obama will bash china. 18

A2: Prediction Markets. 19

Ext – Romney Leads to China Bashing. 20

China Bashing Bad—Impact—A2: Won’t Escalate. 21

China Bashing Bad—Impact—A2: Won’t Escalate. 22

China Bashing Bad—Impact—A2: Reevaluation Good Turns. 23

China Bashing Bad—Impact—A2: Reevaluation Good Turns. 24

China Bashing Bad—Impact—A2: Relations Resilient. 25

Trade War Bad – US/China War. 26

Trade War Bad – China Economy 2NC. 27

China Bashing Bad – Economy. 28

Ext – Kills the Economy. 29

China Bashing Bad – Impact – Relations. 30

China Bashing Bad – Impact – Relations. 32

China Bashing Bad – Impact – Taiwan War. 34

China Currency Revaluation – Impact – Proliferation. 35

China Currency Revaluation – Impact – Trade War. 36

China Currency Revaluation – Impact – Trade War. 37

AFF Answers. 39

Romney Won’t Bash China. 40

Romney Won’t Bash China. 41

China Relations Resilient. 42

China Bashing Won’t Escalate. 43

China Bashing Inevitable. 44

Previous Uniqueness. 45

Obama Win Now.. 46

Obama Win Now – Latino Vote. 48

Obama Win Now – A2: Jobs report. 49

Obama Win Now – 2NC Wall 50

Obama Win Now - Betting. 52

Obama Lose Now.. 54

Romney Good – Arms Sales. 56

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