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About This File

This is one of my all-time favorite kritiks to read, and I've included my file basically in its entirety (minus space-specific stuff). This is an ethics-based critique of value judgments, and of the way that the affirmative utilizes technology as a mere tool. This file is pretty much entirely blocked out, and includes at the least some great pieces of evidence which can be used in many different ways (along with my favorite cards that I've ever cut - more details in the file). The main strength of this K is that it really doesn't link to a lot of generic K offense, which means it is very easy to catch another team unprepared.


Like my positive peace file, this was also formatted with Verbatim. Opening it in Synergy might be a little weird.




Introna K.. 1


Topshelf 2


1NC.. 3

Long. 4

Short 6


Overviews. 8

2NC Overview.. 9

2NR Overview.. 11

2NR Floating PIC.. 12

2NC Alt 13


Random Links. 15

Link – Warming/Environment 16

Link – Climate Refugees. 18

Link – Asteroids/Longer Clark. 20


Blocks. 22


Generic Stuff 23

AT: Framework. 24

AT: Owen. 26

AT: Tuathail/Reps Focus Bad. 27

AT: Perm... 28

AT: Utopian Fiat 30

AT: Vague Alts. 31

AT: Floating PIKs. 32


Specific Stuff 33

AT: Case Outweighs/Util 34

AT: Predictions Good. 36

AT: Calculations Good. 37

AT: Isaac/Moral Absolutism... 38

AT: Human Focus Good. 39

AT: Transhumanism/Immortality. 41

AT: Realism... 42

AT: Anthro Good. 43

AT: Anthro Inevitable. 44

AT: May. 45

AT: Schwartz. 46

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