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Infrastructure - Radical Environmentalism

6.00 USD

About This File

This file is based off of a netflix documentary i watched about the Earth Liberation Front and "environmental terrorism"


The argument is simple... currently congress is controlled by the Timber Industries and policies are enacted as an excuse to allow them to cut down more trees and create deforestation. infrastructure development is one of the leading causes of it, and the plan allows the industrialists to take advantage of that and make profit.


the alternative itself is a non violent sit in that involves us laying down in front of the theoretical equipment enlisted by the passing of the plan in order to prevent it from actually happening



This one wasn't intended to be one off, it actually goes great along side any disadvantage that claims things like Bio Diversity or warming impacts.


i'd reccomend



Warming DA


*on case* impact turns/epistemology indicts - econ - Heg - Cap - etc. (all stuff you can find in the politics of fear file that's also for sale ;D)



1NC 1/2. 2

1NC 2/2. 3

2NC Overview.. 4

AT: We don’t remove trees. 5

Time is Now.. 6



AT: Utopian Fiat / “We can’t debate youâ€. 9

AT: Alternative is violent. 10

AT: Reps Don’t Matter. 11

AT: Ontology doesn’t matter. 12

AT: Nuclear War Outweighs 1/3. 13

AT: Nuclear War Outweighs 2/3. 14

AT: Nuclear War Outweighs 3/3. 15

AT: Author Qualifications. 16

AT: Scientists just want money 1/2. 17

AT: Scientists just want money 2/2. 18

AT: Perm Do Both. 19

AT: Perm do plan than alt. 20

AT: Counter perms are cheating/PIC. 21

AT: Utilitarianism 1/2. 22

AT: Utilitarianism 2/2. 23

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