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Pos Peace 1.0

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About This File

This file was written for the TOC but never broken. It was written with one purpose in mind:




This file has basically every K trick in the book and some kinda new ones available to you. This is not designed as the best 2NR strategy, this is designed to screw the 1AR over so you can go for whatever was in the 1NR. Seriously, there's an entire "cheating modules" section (the names of the modules have been omitted for more surprise). There are two possible 1NC alts; more explanation has been included in the file itself. There isn't really a links section, as this file isn't designed for a straight up debate - if you want to make this more sustainable, you can supplement it with camp files. You can also use this as a supplement for most Ks, as the cheating modules will probably apply.


This file was formatted using the Verbatim template, meaning there's lots of headers, sub headers, etc. Opening it in Synergy might be a little weird.



Pos Peace. 1

Notes. 2


Topshelf 3

1NC.. 4

1NC Framework/Thesis. 5

1NC Link. 6

1NC Impact 8

1NC Alt – V1. 9

1NC Alt – V2. 11


2NC.. 12

2NC Impact Overview.. 13

2NC Alt 16

2NC Threats Aren’t Real 20


Cheating Modules. 24

[redacted!]. 25

[redacted!]. 26

[redacted!] 29

[redacted!]. 31

[redacted!]. 33

[redacted!]. 36

[redacted!]. 39


Blocks. 40

Framework Toolbox. 41

2NC RotB.. 42

2NC Reps First/AT: Policy Relevance. 43

2NC Floating PIK.. 45

2NC Roleplaying DA.. 46

2NC Schlag. 49

2NC AT: Predictability. 50

2NC AT: Education. 51


Regular Blocks. 52

AT: Perm... 53

AT: Nuke War Outweighs/Turns. 55

AT: Link of Omission. 57

AT: Realism... 59

AT: Violence Decreasing. 61

AT: Pinker. 62


Aff Stuff 65

Discourse Focus Bad. 66

Perm... 67

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