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Request Counterplan/"Demand" PIC

4.00 USD

About This File

This file is a PIC out of the word "Demand" in plantexts and replaces it with request. Many team with middle of the right/slightly left leaning affirmatives often make demands on the government in their plantext or advocacy statement. The counterplan instead makes a request saying that requests are a nonviolent form of communication and are a form of "giraffe" communication rather than "jackal" language that is violent. The counterplan comes with answers to every argument I have seen a team make against the counterplan and has beat teams on several topics. A good trick to have in your arsenal in case you are caught off guard by someone making a demand.



Request CP.. 1

CP 1NC. 2

U – Violent Communication Decreasing. 3

Solvency – Debate Round Key. 4

Solvency – Politics. 5

Impact – Demand Bad (Ethics). 7

Impact – Demands Bad. 8

Impact – Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. 9

Impact – Violence. 10

Impact – Herd Mentality. 12

2NC Overview.. 14

AT: Perm Do Both (1/2). 15

AT: Perm Do Both (2/3). 16

AT: Perm Do Both (3/3). 17

AT: Perm Do CP.. 18

AT: Jackal can’t be Escaped – Solves Politics. 19

AT: Requests Bad. 20

AT: Rosenburg= Pyschologist (Doesn’t Apply). 21

AT: Plan is Bipart Consensus. 22

AT: Request= Concessions/Reformist. 23

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