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About This File

This file is a 109 pages, 105 topic theory file. In most theory files it's simply a random assortment of frontlines, blocks and random analyticals that don't always match up. This file is meant to be a cohesive, streamlined approach that makes theory an efficient and flexible tool for students ranging from high school novice to university senior.


It includes in depth answers on most general theory arguments (Counterplan/K statuses, Perms, ASPEC good/bad) and also more rare arguments (abuse good/bad, test case fiat good/bad, reverse voting issues good/bad) and many more.


Too many teams lose easy rounds because they're missing a theory argument or their files haven't been updated in years. With this file that won't be the case.


Below is the table of contents describing all the topics covered; additionally the concept for the file is included to give a better idea of how the file functions.





Below is an example of how the argumentation of each topic works:



Consider for a second the money, time and effort put into the entirety of the debate season. The risk/reward for an 8 dollar file compared to the amount of time/resources your team is going to spend of the rest of the season is well worth it. Besides which, it'll pay off well over 8 dollar's worth.

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