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New Vegas Affirmative 1.0

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This is the Welcome to New Vegas affirmative that was read at the UT Round Robin by myself and Hank Stolte. Although it was only read once, it has never dropped a ballot. The affirmative makes an argument about the nature of politics, subjectivity, and even debate. The affirmative contends that debate itself is nothing but a recycled set of different political building blocks; flows that reconstruct themselves in spaces that are considered "unique" because of their influence on students and their individual relation to thought, but that are actually more like empty museum halls. Each space doesn't actually influence us: encountering an SBSP aff doesn't teach us to oppose space militarization, it teaches us how to become technical and pick up ballots. The nature of the ballot and its relation to advocacy always-already complicates our ability to be authentically political, and so the affirmative chooses instead to conceptualize the space of the debate that the 1AC occurs in as refuse: something that denies the usefulness of the system as a whole and questions the nature of debate as something that produces pedagogical responsibility. Instead, the ballot becomes a bomb, an encounter with the selves in debate we construct as political agents and the selves outside of the room that are competitors and not politicians. The way that debate and its norms, rules and regulations construct our subjectivity is deemed problematic; something that segments and divides our essence and produces a self-hatred that teaches us to parcel out and destroy the wills and desires of our essential self in a compromise for ballots.

We have proclaimed the death of debate: in its place, only the starfish that we call the 1AC.

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