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About This File

Hello everybody,


This is a file of framework cards I recently cut that should be useful against critical teams with no plan texts or otherwise untopical affs. You're bound to get alot of mileage out of this file as it can be used year in and year out against the aforementioned untopical teams. This file will also be useful if you are affirmative and debating critical teams.


This file consists mainly of cards written by Neil Butt, a debate coach from Vanderbilt University (last year Vanderbilt had team ranked in the top 16) and Nathan Stewart, a debate coach from Illinois State University. The cards are extremely high quality as they were written for academic purposes and extensively reference studies that have been done about the benefits of policy debate. The cards by Butt and Stewart cannot be found in camp files; to my knowledge I am the first person to have cut these articles. Not that it matters very much in framework good/bad debates, but many of the cards in this file are relatively new (from 2010).


In this file you'll find cards to defend limits, predictability, role-playing, and switch side debate, which you'll find very useful as explaining the "impacts" to these concepts is one of the most important parts of framework debates. There are also answers to common arguments made by critical teams.


Framework Good. 1

Debate K2 Critical Thinking. 2

Debate K2 Political Engagement 3

Debate --> Social Change. 4

Limits Good/Depth > Breadth. 5

Limits Good/Depth > Breadth. 6

Predictability Good. 7

Policy Focus Good. 8

Policy Focus Good. 9

Policy Focus Good. 10

Policy Focus Good. 11

Role Playing Good. 12

Switch Side Good. 13

Switch Side Good. 14

Switch Side Good. 15

A2: Ballot --> Change. 16

A2: Ballot --> Change. 17

A2: Debate Class Solves Education. 18

A2: Debate Excludes Women. 19

A2: Debate --> Coercion. 20

A2: Debate --> Marginalization. 22

A2: Flow Bad. 23

A2: We Won’t All Be Policymakers. 24



My name's Jacob Justice. I'm a 3rd year debater for Wayne State University, where I've broke and won speaker awards at multiple regional tournaments. I debated 2 years in high school for Dexter High School in Michigan. I'm currently a coach for West Bloomfield High School and last year I coached Brother Rice High School at the TOC.


Happy debating,



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