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Hey everybody,


This is a short file. Last year a new study about the effects of nuclear war on the Earth's climate was released that debaters may use to support "spark" type arguments about nuclear war being good. This file contains answers to that. The cards in this file are very recent. The file is organized into a 2ac frontline and has some extensions. I've even highlighted the frontline cards for you. It should be used to supplement spark answers you already have in your backfiles. I wouldn't go into a round with this file alone, but the newer cards offered in this file may take "spark" teams off-guard and give you the upperhand. It always helps to have cards reflective of the newest science in spark debates; this file can give you that and at an extremely affordable price.


My name's Jacob Justice. I'm a 3rd year debater for Wayne State University, where I've broke and won speaker awards at multiple regional tournaments. I debated 2 years in high school for Dexter High School in Michigan. I'm currently a coach for West Bloomfield High School and last year I coached Brother Rice High School at the TOC.


Happy debating,



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