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About This File

For your high tech K debate: this file is designed to have many different 2nr options available. It is largely a collision of parts of Deleuze and Guattari and Baudrillard, which means that its thesis is fairly rhizomatic. The 2nr can go for only portions and render large chunks of aff answers irrelevant. Regardless though, so few aff answers are responsive, that you don't need very many blocks for the block, it's mostly just about getting out your offense.


This file is designed to make debate easy for you. Strategy wise, my best advice is to make the debate really insular when reading this criticism. A strategy where you split the block three ways, to cover T, a Cp with an internal net benefit, and this K is something few 1ars can handle. The highlighting in this file has been carefully combed for efficiency, which means you will be able to get out more evidence in less time when you take it in the block. Also, as you will see below in the table of contents, it includes extensive 2nr blocks. These have prepackaged explanations of modular components of the K. This is particularly useful if one of them is dropped.


FYI: I am Luke Hosford. I debated at Dexter for 4 years. I went for this K on the military topic a lot. It was responsible for several of our best wins against top tier TOC teams. I guarantee you I have worked on a bunch of files and know my way around a K debate (also policy, but that's less relevant).




Discursive Flux Critique. 1

Discursive Flux 1nc 1/. 2

Discursive Flux 1nc 2/. 3

Discursive Flux 1nc 3/. 4

Link 2nc. 5

Link Supplement 6

Framework 2nc 1/. 7

Framework 2nc 2/. 8

--Integral Reality Da 2nr. 9

Perms 2nc 1/. 10

Perms 2nc 2/. 11

--Public-Private Perm 2nc. 12

Role of the Ballot 2nc 1/. 13

Role of the Ballot 2nc 2/. 14

A2: Misappropriation of Deleuze. 15

A2: Objective Reality 1/. 16

A2: Objective Reality 2/. 17


***IMPACTS 2nc. 17

Atomic Assassin 2nc. 18

Error Replication 2nc 1/. 19

Error Replication 2nc 2/. 20

--Prefer Our Impacts 2nc. 21


***IMPACTS 2nr. 21

Atomic Assassin 2nr. 22

Error Replication 2nr. 23

Prefer Our Impacts 2nr. 24



--Top Level 2nc. 25

--Shaffer 2nc. 26

--Baudrillard 2nc 1/. 27

--Baudrillard 2nc 2/. 28

--Ontological Force 2nc. 29



--This = D-Rule 2nr. 30

--Top Level 2nr. 31

--Shaffer 2nr. 32

--Baudrillard 2nr. 33

--Ontological Force 2nr. 34

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