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K Answers Bundle - Answers to Schopenhauer, Absurdity, Taoism

10.00 USD

About This File

Hello all,


I've received a few messages about how to answer the various K's I've been uploading to Evazon. Here are my answers to Schopenhauer, Taoism, and Absurdity, most of which were cut as I was researching the K's themselves. These are solid answers that are blocked out and ready to read in the 2ac, along with any other K answers you wish to make. Many of the arguments have extensions through the 1ar. The file is 57 pages long and for $10 you get answers to 3 very tricky arguments. Don't be caught unprepared - you'll want to have specific answers if somebody reads these arguments against you. Buying this file will also save you the trouble of wasting precious research time cutting answers to some very generic arguments. I am not aware of any camp files that contain answers to these K's that are extensive as those in this file.


Here's the index:

K Answer Bundle 1

Schopenhauer Answers 2

Extinction O/W 3

Human Life Intrinsically Good 5

Death Bad 6

Extinction Evil 8

A2: Humans Evil 9

Schopenhauer/Extinction Good Frontline 10

Ext #4 – Suicide 12

Schopenhauer K Frontline 14

Ext #1 – Pessimism Bad 16

Ext #2 – Goals Good 18

Ext #3 – Suffering Good 21

A2: Suffering=Inevitable K’s (Nietzsche/Schopenhauer/Buddhism) 22

VTL 2ac 24

Absurdity Answers 28

Absurdity F/L 29

Ext. #2 – Nihilism 31

Ext. #4 – VtL 32

VtL 2NR/2ar 35

Ext. #5 – Goals Good 36

Absurdity = Contradictory 38

A2: Nothing We Will Do Will Matter In A Million Years 39

Taoism Answers 40

Taoism K 2ac 41

Ext - #1 – Perm Do Both 45

Ext - #3 – Link Turn 46

Ext - #4 – No Link 48

Ext - #5 – Sexism Turn 50

Ext - #6 – Debate Turn 52

Ext. #7-8 – Realism 55

Ext. #9 – Security Good 57


My name's Jacob Justice. I'm a 3rd year debater for Wayne State University, where I've broke and won speaker awards at multiple regional tournaments. I debated 2 years in high school for Dexter High School in Michigan. I'm currently a coach for West Bloomfield High School and last year I coached Brother Rice High School at the TOC.


Happy debating,



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