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Economic growth bad. Pretty self-explanatory.


This argument has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last few years, playing a big part in some high-stakes rounds in both high school and college, including the 2010 TOC and the 2011 NDT final rounds. This argument is particularly useful on this year's space topic because everyone and their grandma has an econ advantage.


This file has all the standard cards that you'll need to win the growth bad debate, including a lot of cards you won't find in any camp file, including updated evidence from 2011. The shell is short so you can keep your options in the 1NC and expand on it later. This argument can also be used on the aff with affirmatives that don't claim econ advantages, but make sure it doesn't contradict with other claims you are making. This file has a proven track record on both the high school and college circuits.


I've included a paper version along with a paperless version.


As with my other files, if you buy my file I will help you out if you run into an argument you need help developing answers to.


At only $7, the price is pretty reasonable for an argument that can be used irregardless of topic for the rest of your career.


PM if you have any questions.


Bio -

My name is Brad Meloche. I'm a fourth year debater at Wayne State University. Over the last four years I have reached the elimination rounds and received speaker awards at multiple local and regional tournaments. As a four year debater for Groves High School (MI), I reached elimination rounds at Harvard, New Trier, and East Grand Rapids, as well as having great local success. As a coach for Seaholm High School, I have coached debaters to the elimination rounds of multiple national tournaments, including the 2011 NCFL national tournament. I also coached and judged at the 2011 Tournament of Champions for Brother Rice High School.



DeDev 1

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems 3

Overview 1/2 4

Overview 2/2 5

War 6

War Module 7

AT: Diversionary Wars 8

AT: Free Trade/Interdependence Solves War 9

Water Wars Module 10

Terrorism 11

Terrorism Module 1/2 12

Terrorism Module 2/2 13

Ext. Growth => Terrorism 14

Warming 15

Warming Module 16

Overpopulation 17

Overpopulation Module 18

Ext. Overpop Bad - Ehrlich 19

Disease 20

Disease Module 21

Ext. Growth => Disease 1/2 22

Ext. Growth => Disease 2/2 23

Ext. Disease => Extinction 24

Sharks 25

Sharks Module 26

Sustainability/Uniqueness 27

No More Growth – General 28

No More Growth – China 29

No More Growth – Metals/Minerals 30

AT: Infinite Growth 31

AT: Innovation Solves 32

AT: Space Solves 1/2 33

AT: Space Solves 2/2 34

AT: Restraining US Hege Solves 35

AT: Green Tech Solves Frontline 1/2 36

AT: Green Tech Solves Frontline 2/2 37

AT: Green Tech Solves – Ethanol 38

AT: Green Tech Solves – Nuclear 39

AT: Green Tech Solves – Wind 40

AT: Growth is Self-correcting 41

Solvency/Feasibility/Desirability 42

DeDev Solves Frontline 43

AT: Elite Backlash 44

AT: Growth = Human Nature/Biological 45

AT: Transition Wars 46

AT: No Transition – Past Declines Prove 47

AT: Great Depression/Mead (’92/’98/’09) 48

AT: Bearden 49

AT: Cook 50

AT: (Chris) Lewis 51

AT: Mead ’04 (US-China War) 52

AT: Nyquist 53

AT: Dedev => Environmental Collapse 54

AT: DeDev => Famine 55

AT: Hege 56

AT: Freedom 57

AT: Loose Nukes 58

AT: Racism 59

AT: Quality of Life 60

AT: Growth Key to GMOs 1/2 61

AT: Growth Key to GMOs 2/2 62

AT: Russia Econ 63

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