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About This File

The Kato K is a critique of the way debaters frame nuclear war impacts.


The simplified version of the argument is this:

When we think of nuclear war only in the context of a global event that threatens the entire world/risks extinction, we forget about the ongoing nuclear violence that is being waged against what Kato calls the "Fourth World and Indigenous Peoples" in the form of nuclear testing, uranium mining, and nuclear waste disposal. This is bad because it functions as an "extermination" of these people. The alternative is to reject the aff's representations of nuclear war. Kato says this would result in a refocusing of priorities toward the structural causes of this violence.


This argument has been around for a while, but peoples' answers are terrible. Kato's original article in the journal Alternatives isn't very well known, so there aren't many authors who directly respond to his argument.


Besides the obvious shell and blocks, this file includes:


- Cards from the 2011 Kato interview conducted by Christopher Spurlock

- Comprehensive answers to hormesis (nuclear radiation good). If an aff team plans on going for this as their offense you should punish them.

- Card-by-card answers to the only camp 2AC answers that have been produced specifically to this K.


As an added bonus, if you buy this file and run in to an answer that I did not provide an answer to, I'll help you develop answers to the best of my ability.


At just $5.00, this file is well worth it. I have included a paper as well as a paperless version.


PM if you have any questions.


Bio -

My name is Brad Meloche. I'm a fourth year debater at Wayne State University. Over the last four years I have reached the elimination rounds and received speaker awards at multiple local and regional tournaments. As a four year debater for Groves High School (MI), I reached elimination rounds at Harvard, New Trier, and East Grand Rapids, as well as having great local success. As a coach for Seaholm High School, I have coached debaters to the elimination rounds of multiple national tournaments, including the 2011 NCFL national tournament. I also coached and judged at the 2011 Tournament of Champions.


Kato K of Nuclear Globalism 1

Shell 1/3 2

Shell 2/3 3

Shell 3/3 4

Overview 5

Link Ext. 1/2 6

Link Ext. 2/2 7

Extinction Link 8

Extinction/Futurism Link 9

AT: Link of Omission 10

Impact Ext. – No VTL 11

AT: US Doesn’t Test Anymore 12

AT: Perm – “Do Both†13

AT: Perm – “All Other Instances†14

AT: Perm – “Plan and non-mutually exclusive parts of the alt†15

AT: Perm – “Plan Then Alt†16

AT: Fear of Nuke War Good/Imagining Nuke War Good 17

Reps Shape Reality 1/2 18

AT: Hormesis – General 1/2 20

AT: Hormesis – General 2/2 21

AT: Hormesis – Informed Consent K 22

AT: Hormesis – Cancer 23

AT: Hormesis – Gingivitis 24

AT: Hormesis – HIV/AIDS 25

AT: They Want The Waste 1/2 26

AT: They Want The Waste 2/2 27

AT: Krishna (Perm Solvency) 28

AT: Liftin 29

AT: Baldonado (Disarm Solves) 30

AT: Truman 31

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