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Thursday File 9/29 (SKFTA)

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About This File

Last week Congress saw a lot of action in regards to the South Korean Free Trade agreement including the passage of the GSP and the TAA in the Senate. Next week when Congress comes back in session, the item that is most likely to come up first in the House is the TAA. This signals an important step for this legislation because it is the precursor to having President Obama submit the trade proposals for final authorization. Also important to note is Congress' desire to get the trade agreement passed before mid-October because the President of South Korea will be visiting the United States at that time.

Thus, this weeks file is purely dedicated to our semester long SKFTA scenario. Included in the file are some 2NC block, a lot of uniqueness updates, and some more impact work. Also, I did a substantial amount of work on uniqueness thumpers and political capital on both sides of the debate. These thumpers alone should be able to get most AFF teams through their rounds. Important to note is the fact that the entire file (excluding the old Thursday Files) is highligted, which makes life easier for you.


Table of Contents:


The Thursday File - SKFTA

*Top Level*

Political Capital - Yes

AT: Thumpers 2NC

AT: China Thumper

AT: Jobs Thumper

AT: Budget/Deficit Thumper

AT: Palestine Thumper



2NC Overview

2NC UQ Must Read

Will pass – generic

Will pass – both countries

Will pass – TAA

Will pass – GSP

Will pass – soon

Will pass – momentum

Will pass – bipart

Will pass – Dems

I/L – Econ

I/L – Relations

I/L – Competitiveness

I/L – Hegemony

I/L – Jobs

I/L – Trade

I/L – Asian Stability

*AFF Answers*

Won’t Pass – SKFTA

No impact – delayed implementation

SKFTA Bad – Jobs

*AFF Top Level*

No Political Capital

Elections Thumper

China Thumper

Demo Promo Thumper

Budget Thumper

Plus Old Thursday Files

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