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Thursday File 5-26-11

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About This File

This week’s Thursday file includes three runnable negative scenarios, including a secret never before read DA, and comprehensive AFF including answers to 7 Das, generic thumpers, and elections. The file emphasizes cards from this week so you can ‘reset’ your politics work after the long break. Find out more about the file and the author below.




This file has a debt ceiling scenario that is discusses the subtle differences between Democratic and Republican proposals and gets beyond the generic will the debt ceiling pass or not, but rather delves into the question of what kind of deal should eventually pass. Debt ceiling is a hot topic so there are lots of cards, it is at the top of the agenda avoiding thumpers, and the economy impacts can help you access any affirmative impacts.


A brand new secret scenario and answers are included, it reflects a very current proposal by the administration.


The third scenario is Comprehensive Immigration reform. President Obama gave a speech in between the TOC and CFLs outlining new pushes on this issue. Again there is a big literature base surrounding this debate and the DA has good external impacts from Latin America.


On the AFF side we have tried to cover every imaginable scenario with a big emphasis on debt ceiling and SKFTA the two most common politics Das. We have included a lot of generic work to help you if a team breaks an unknown politics DA, and we have covered elections so no one can catch you off guard.



Dan Bagwell is going to be a senior at Samford University. He appeared in the octofinals of the NDT and was ranked in the Coaches Top 25 poll for most of the season. He has cleared at GSU, Kentucky, Northwestern, and Wake Forest, and qualified to the NDT three times.


Jacob Lewis is a rising senior at Samford University and has appeared in the elimination rounds at several Varsity-level collegiate tournaments, as well as being named top speaker at the West Georgia tournament.

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