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Entitlement Reform TF

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For this week’s TF you should know a few things.1. Congress has not been in session all week. This means that your older evidence from last weekend is still relevant because not a lot has changed this week, it has been mostly rhetoric.2. I focused more on AFF answers to SKFTA than anything else because it seems like a majority of teams have been running that scenario. You have enough Uniqueness to win a link turn (including a good 1ar block). In addition, I cut some impact turns to SKFTA to give you flexibility on how you want to answer the disad. Personally, I don’t think the Neg can win SKFTA will pass, so I think link turning is the right way to go. (Which is also why I didn’t cut that DA)3. I think that the entitlement reform disad is alright. I would read all of the “PC Key” Cards in the block to answer both their uniqueness arguments and their link turns. The Impact card for entitlement is really good. I would read the warrants and make sure to write out a good extension of that for the block. Good Luck this weekend!

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