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Kritik based off of Roland Barthes' Mythology. Summary: signification in speech is injected with cultural myths that usually are used against the speech itself. Example: using the term bourgeoisie actually continues its oppression rather than possibly using it against itself. He was a structuralist so many of you will find this a "duh" if you're familiar with Derrida, Baudrillard and other post-structuralists. Note: this is not specific to military deployment. Probably best used on the affirmative if negatives used certain linguistic terms in arguments. Not all that useful so it's free. Table of contents below.



1NC Shell 2

LINK: Bourgeoisie 3

LINK: Bourgeoisie (2) 4

LINK: Left-Wing Politics 5

LINK: Right-Wing Politics 6

LINK: Otherization 7

LINK: Liberalism 8

LINK: Statement of Fact / Proverb 9

IMPACT: “Bougeousie” → Dominating Ideology 10

IMPACT: Leftist Politics → Futile 11

IMPACT: Oppression 12

ALTERNATIVE: Political Speech 13

ALTERNATIVE: Demythologize 14

AT: Natural 15


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