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Empire K Aff - Turkey WMD 2010/2011

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About This File

This is a scrap of using the Empire Kritik as an affirmative this year for the US' WMD in Turkey. It's completely kritikal. The only regular, policy, non-kritikal card is the inherency. Interesting to look at and I'm sure some of you can develop it further. The best is the advantages and the AT's. Here's the TOC:



Introduction 2

Inherency: US WMD in Turkey 3

Harm: (Nuclear) Deterrence 4

Harm: (Nuclear) Deterrence (2) 5

Significance: Complete Domination 6


Solvency Framework 8

Advantage: Biopolitics 9

Advantage Impact: Biopolitics 10

Advantage: Hegemony 11

Advantage Impact: Hegemony 12

Advantage: Militarism 13

Advantage Impact: Militarism 14

Advantage: Imperialism 15

Advantage Impact: Imperialism 16

AT: Reject Solvency Framework 17

AT: Politics-Based DA 18

AT: Spending DA 19

AT: Courts CP 20

AT: Agent CP 21




PS - the solvency framework is that you and your teammate are the multitude.

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