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Judicial Globalism Aff

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About This File

This affirmative features some of the best evidence on the topic, with advantages that are both germane to poverty and designed to answer most process/advantage counterplans. This file includes responses to common T violations, case arguments, disadvantages, and counterplans.


The plan rules on the grounds of the Airey v. Ireland decision of the European Court of Human Rights that all persons living in poverty are entitled to legal counsel for civil matters. The argument is that citing a foreign court enhances our Supreme Court's credibility to engage in the global judicial dialogue which shapes court systems around the world. This credibility is necessary to sustain international human rights movements, combat proliferation, strengthen democratic movements, and even solve for global warming. The other advantage (specific to legal counsel) is that persons living poverty that are at risk of housing foreclosure need civil counsel to protect against predatory lending. These foreclosures risk crippling the global economy.



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