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Amazing All Purpose K Answer- Undecidability

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This argument is an awesome answer to almost every kritik. There is a generic 2AC to read and then a specific 2AC to read vs certain kritiks. The argument is a permutation with a solid net benfit. It's that we should combine the plan (including representations) with the alternative because a politics of undecidability is better than picking either side. The evidence says that we should gesture in opposite and contradictory directions at the same time because it allows us to intervene in a practical political manner while at the same time maintain a perpetual uneasiness about our politics so that we can open up new possibilities for the future. This allows us to re-create epistemologies and correct injustices potentially caused by the plan. The net benefit is that refusal of the perm engages in a violent politics of decidability which eliminates the possibility of politics and ethics. There are blocked out 1AR extensions to most of the arguments. This is an extremely powerful argument to read against any ontology kritik as well as fear kritiks, lacanian/zizekian kritiks, and kritiks of signs and language. It's blocked out and highlighted and ready to go. At less than $4, its a steal. Any questions, email me at jaipaulrekhi at gmail dot com.

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