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This TF is worth the wait. This morning I did not have a DA I would be willing to put my name on but some recent health care developments have taken it from awful to awesome. There is now a lot of uniqueness evidence (from both sides) concluding that health care will pass by a razor thin margin and making pretty good internal link claims about how Obama must exert all his leverage to keep it from falling apart. Probably the best brink evidence this disad has ever had. There is also great evidence that says the final bill that comes out of conference will be the real deal – meaning you can access all those public option impacts like economy/bioterror etc. All other scenarios are realistically unwinnable given the evidence that Obama is putting everything he has behind health care, which is also probably a social service- and that most predictions say all congressional debate for the remainder of the year will be about health care. Also- a TF First- the file is done using Debate Synergy so anyone debating paperless should be able to able to e-tub it and go right out of the box. ******In the past when I changed my template files have been messed up when people downloaded them, so if anything goes wrong with this download please let me know ASAP.

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