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AT; Zizek- Do Something

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Having gotten a little annoyed at the proliferation of "do nothing" K arguments I decided to... do something about it.Included here are some specific responses to this alt and the various anti-cap arguments usually employed with it. This evidence is specific to the most common cap K alt you will here and is not from Robinson (in fact all the zizek cards are from 08 and assume his most recent works). A short taste: Under the cover of comedy and hyperbole, in between allusions to movies and video games, he is engaged in the rehabilitation of many of the most evil ideas of the last century. He is trying to undo the achievement of all the postwar thinkers who taught us to regard totalitarianism, revolutionary terror, utopian violence, and anti-Semitism as inadmissible in serious political discourse. Is Žižek's audience too busy laughing at him to hear him? I hope so, because the idea that they can hear him without recoiling from him is too dismal, and frightening, to contemplate.

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