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Deleuze and Guattari Master File

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This is the master Deleuze and Guattari file I have relied on for the last 2 years. This file, on the negative, holds a 16-1 record, beating countless TOC over-qualified teams throughout my senior year. The file includes 3 distinct 1NC shells, massive amounts of extensions for each of them, explanatory 2NC overviews and answers to the most common 2AC arguments.The file also contains enough evidence to make dozens of other shells to your liking, create critical 1ACs, and even be utilized to answer various critiques in the 2AC with your regular aff.If you don't want to do work next year, or just want a nice strategic and rarely heard file to rely on against affs where you have nothing else, this file is for you.The file also contains a bonus A/T Lacan section, which houses many arguments the common team running psychoanalysis is not prepared for.No, the number of pages is not a typo - this file really is OVER 200 pages long.

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This is the premiere file of Cross X. Maury is insane for only charging $10 for this. Guys I can honestly say this file made me love Deleuze more than i already did before, I encourage everyone to buy it, you will not regret it. 

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